Ageing Smart

The Ageing Smart Committee works to provide information on services and issues of interest, and arranges dialogues with experts at seminars and workshops.

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Ageing Smart Committee Members

Chair:  Mac Chiulli

Demetrios Argyriades

Marianne Brzak-Metzler

Rosa Chong

Anna Frangipani Campino

Beatrice Frankard-Little

Louise Laheurte

Deborah Landey

Deolinda Leitao-Greene

Joan McDonald

Christine Smith-Lemarchand

Emilie Yostos

Angela Zubrzycki


Committee Meetings

When:   As needed.

Where:  AFICS/NY Conference Room, DC1-580


Recent Accomplishments

  • LIVE Webcasts of the Workshops
  • Workshop on Staying Healthy (Joint Pain)
  • Workshop on Financial Organizing (For Now or For Later)
  • Workshop on Estate Planning (Estate Tax and Gift Tax Implications)

Idea Board

Suggestions welcome!