Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Issues (Third Committee)

Press Releases

20 November 2018 Third Committee Concludes Intense Session, Passing 8 Drafts as Children’s Rights, Reproductive Health, International Criminal Court Dominate Discussion
19 November 2018 Approving 9 Drafts, Third Committee Intensifies Fight against Fistula, Genital Mutilation, Sexual Harassment amid Debate over Peasants’ Rights
16 November 2018 Third Committee Approves 13 Drafts on Persons with Disabilities, Ageing, Human Trafficking amid Protracted Votes on Human Rights in Syria, Myanmar
15 November 2018 Third Committee Approves 6 Drafts on Child Marriage, Fighting Nazi Glorification amid Discord over Long-Agreed Reproductive Rights Language, Politicized Motives
13 November 2018 Third Committee Approves 11 Drafts amid Heated Debate over Death Penalty Moratorium, Use of Mercenaries, Efforts to End Cybercrime
8 November 2018 In Inaugural Action, Third Committee Vows to Fight Organ Trade, Urges Respect for Human Rights in Justice Administration, Approving 2 Draft Resolutions
6 November 2018 Approving 8 Draft Resolution, Third Committee Names 4 January World Braille Day, Also Tackling Intolerance, Illiteracy, Threats to Religious Freedom
2 November 2018 Human Rights Council Central to Tackling Most Serious Violations, Its President Tells Third Committee, as Delegates Decry ‘Stark Divides’, Double Standards
1 November 2018 Hospitality Extended to Refugees Must Not Be Taken for Granted, Host Countries Caution as Third Committee Explores Responsibility-Sharing Options
31 October 2018 Refugees, Migrants Branded ‘Threats’, Dehumanized in Campaigns Seeking Political Gain, High Commissioner Tells Third Committee, Appealing for Return to Dignity
30 October 2018 Mercenaries, Private Military Contractors Can Destabilize Rule of Law, Expert Tells Third Committee, amid Calls to End Racism, Respect Migrant Rights
29 October 2018 Third Committee Experts Warn Racism, Hate Speech, White Supremacy to Become Mainstream Unless States Enforce Zero-Tolerance Policies, Prevent Exclusion
26 October 2018 With 40 Million Forced into Modern Slavery, Third Committee Expert Urges States to Protect Rights of Women, Girls, Companies Must Remedy Violations
25 October 2018 First United Nations Expert on Sexual Orientation Presents Inaugural Human Rights Report to Third Committee, as Others Tackle Justice, Environment Concerns
24 October 2018 Gaza ‘Unliveable’, Expert Tells Third Committee, as Mandate Holders Present Findings on Human Rights Situations in Iran, Eritrea, Somalia, Burundi
23 October 2018 Relativist Claims on Culture Do Not Absolve States from Human Rights Obligations, Third Committee Expert Says as Delegates Denounce Country-Specific Mandates
22 October 2018 Women, Girls With Disabilities Denied Sexual Health Rights, Third Committee Expert Stresses as Others Call for Protection of Journalists, Freedom to Worship
19 October 2018 World Altered by ‘Neoliberal’ Outsourcing of Public Services to Private Sector, Third Committee Experts Stress, amid Calls for Better Rights Protection
18 October 2018 Stand Firm in Denouncing Enforced Disappearances, Protecting Internally Displaced, Third Committee Experts Stress amid Calls to Respect Human Rights Defenders
17 October 2018 Experts in Third Committee Discuss Harmful Impacts of Coercive Measures, Right to Development as Delegates Urge Respect for Human Rights
16 October 2018 Extremism, Intolerance Overshadowing Moves towards Democracy, Third Committee Delegates Stress as Experts Press Governments to Honour Human Rights Treaties
15 October 2018 Early Warnings Must Trigger Rapid Responses to Rights Abuses, High Commissioner Tells Third Committee as Experts Call for Upholding Commitments against Torture
12 October 2018 Respect for Traditional Self-Governance, Informed Consent in Decisions Critical to Upholding Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, Mandate Holder Tells Third Committee
11 October 2018 Delegates Call for Education Access, Gender Parity in Labour Markets, as Third Committee Concludes Debates on Promoting Rights of Women, Children
10 October 2018 Global Pledges to Improve Children’s Well‑Being ‘A Distant Dream’ without Renewed Respect for Their Rights, Notably Protection, Third Committee Speakers Declare
9 October 2018 ‘Children on the Move’ Require Better Protection from Violence, Experts Tell Third Committee amid Concerns over Illegal Detentions, Risks of Statelessness
8 October 2018 Code of Silence around Sexual Abuse Broken amid Calls in Third Committee for Holistic Approaches to Rooting out Violence, Advancing Women’s Rights
5 October 2018 World Facing ‘Moment of Opportunity’ to End Violence against Women, Third Committee Hears amid Calls for Gender Equality in Politics
4 October 2018 Illicit Drug Flows, Organized Crime Grow as Terrorism Spreads across Borders, Third Committee Delegates Stress amid Calls for Stronger Justice Systems
3 October 2018 Young People’s Voices Must Be Amplified, Speakers Declare as Third Committee Concludes Social Development Debate amid Calls for Greater Involvement
2 October 2018 Third Committee Opens Session Amid Calls for Governments to Design Comprehensive Social Development Policies, Empowering Youth, Tackling Illiteracy
1 October 2018 Mahmoud Saikal of Afghanistan Chair of Third Committee
21 November 2017 Concluding Intense Session, Third Committee Approves 5 Draft Resolutions on Children’s Rights, Assistance to Refugees, Persons with Disabilities
20 November 2017 Third Committee Approves 14 Draft Resolutions on Human Rights Defenders, Migrants, Girl Child amid Contentious Votes over Agreed Language, Additional Costs
17 November 2017 Third Committee Approves 11 Draft Resolutions, as Tensions around Safe Drinking Water, Youth Policies Force Recorded Votes on Previously Agreed Language
16 November 2017 Third Committee Approves 16 Drafts with Friction Exposed in Contentious Votes on Glorification of Nazism, Cultural Diversity, Right to Development
14 November 2017 Third Committee Approves Five Drafts on Situations in Syria, Iran, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, amid Debate over Merits of Country-Specific Texts
9 November 2017 Third Committee Approves Six Drafts on Strengthening Elections, Migrants’ Rights, amid Discord over References to International Criminal Court, Poll Observance
7 November 2017 Third Committee Approves Six Draft Resolutions, Covering Crime Prevention, Counter-Terrorism, Alternative Development
2 November 2017 Human Rights Council President Urges Governments to Protect Fundamental Freedoms in Word, Deed, as Third Committee Considers Report of Geneva-Based Body
1 November 2017 High Commissioner Describes New Model Placing Refugee, Migrant Rights at Heart of Crisis Response, as Third Committee Hears Calls for Sharing Responsibility
31 October 2017 Ignoring Historical Links to Modern Racism, Xenophobia only Emboldens Extremist Ideologies, Experts Tell Third Committee, Calling for ‘Honest Debate’
30 October 2017 Third Committee Concludes Human Rights Debate amid Calls to Raise Living Standards, Foster Peaceful Coexistence among Faiths, Ethnicities
27 October 2017 Experts Explore Legal Means to Mitigate Human Rights Inequities, as Third Committee Delegates Caution Against Political Bias in Judicial Reform
26 October 2017 Sanctions, Harsh Rhetoric Eroding Human Rights in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Expert Tells Third Committee, as Mandate-Holders Present Findings
25 October 2017 Situations in Myanmar, Iran Dominate Third Committee Discussions, as Experts Address Broader Rights for Minorities, Cultural Freedom Defenders
24 October 2017 Experts Urge Governments, United Nations to Ensure Greater Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities, Albinism, as Third Committee Continues Human Rights Debate
23 October 2017 With Millions Lacking Food, Education, Shelter, Targeted Approaches Needed to Meet Needs of Most Vulnerable, Mandate‑Holders Tell Third Committee
20 October 2017 Governments Must Do More to Protect Displaced Persons, End Forced Disappearances, Experts Tell Third Committee amid Calls for Greater Adherence to Conventions
18 October 2017 Civil Society Vital to Protecting Human Rights while Fighting Terrorism, Ensuring Judicial Independence, Experts Tell Third Committee
17 October 2017 Preventive Measures, Accessible Remedies Required to Address Myriad Human Rights Violations, Experts Tell Third Committee During Interactive Dialogues
15 October 2017 Third Committee Approves 5 Draft Resolutions on Situations in Syria, Iran, Crimea, Introduces 5 Others Concerning Self-Determination, Enhanced Cooperation
12 October 2017 Consent, Participation of Indigenous Peoples in Decisions Affecting Them Vital to Advancing Their Rights, Special Rapporteur Tells Third Committee
11 October 2017 Access to Quality Health Care, Education Vital for Improving Children’s Well-Being, Speakers Stress as Third Committee Concludes Debate
10 October 2017 States Must Ensure Protection of World’s Most Vulnerable Children, Mandate Holders Tell Third Committee, as Failure ‘Could Not Be Condoned’
9 October 2017 Regional Cooperation, Funding Needed to End ‘Nightmare’ of Violence Lived by 1 Billion Children around World, Mandate Holders Tell Third Committee
6 October 2017 States Share Tactics for Tackling Social Customs Hampering Economic Equality, as Third Committee Concludes Debate on Women’s Advancement
5 October 2017 Einar Gunnarsson of Iceland Chair of the Third Committee
4 October 2017 Illicit Transnational Networks Making Sustainable Development Elusive, Speakers Say as Third Committee Discusses Ways to Tackle Drugs, Organized Crime
3 October 2017 Youth Delegates Demand ‘a Seat at the Table’ to Help Shape Inclusive, Safe, Sustainable Future, as Third Committee Continues Debate
2 October 2017 Third Committee Opens Session to Calls for Greater Inclusion of Youth, Women, Persons with Disabilities in Decisions Affecting their Lives
25 December 2017 Einar Gunnarsson of Iceland Chair of the Third Committee
19 December 2016 General Assembly Adopts 50 Third Committee Resolutions, as Diverging Views on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Animate Voting
23 November 2016 Third Committee Concludes Its Work, Sending 5 Draft Resolutions for Adoption by General Assembly
22 November 2016 Third Committee Approves 12 Draft Resolutions on Early Marriage, Bullying, Indigenous Peoples, as Children’s Rights Dominate Discussion
21 November 2016 Intense Debate, Close Voting as Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Digital-age Privacy Take Centre Stage in Third Committee
18 November 2016 Third Committee Approves 6 Texts on Extrajudicial Executions, Right to Peace, Mercenary Use, as it Considers Legal Aspects of Basic Freedoms
17 November 2016 Third Committee Approves 6 Draft Resolutions amid Competing Views on Sovereignty, Customary Norms in Use of Death Penalty
15 November 2016 Third Committee Approves 5 Draft Resolutions on Situations in Syria, Iran, Crimea, Introduces 5 Others Concerning Self-Determination, Enhanced Cooperation
10 November 2016 Third Committee Approves 1 Draft Resolution, Hears Introduction of 7 Others Covering Missing Persons, Right to Food, Combating Nazism
8 November 2016 Third Committee Takes Up 7 Draft Resolutions on Situations in Syria, Iran, Crimea as It Concludes Discussion of Human Rights Council's Report
4 November 2016 Protection of Fundamental Freedoms Weakening, Human Rights Council President Tells Third Committee, Amid Calls to Address Polarized Climate within Geneva-Based Body
3 November 2016 Third Committee Approves Three Texts Addressing Literacy, Crime Prevention, Alternative Development as Debate on Refugees Concludes
2 November 2016 Addressing Urgent Plight of Refugees Hinges on State Engagement, Determination, High Commissioner Tells Third Committee amid Calls for Burden Sharing
1 November 2016 Racism, Xenophobia Increasing Globally, Experts Tell Third Committee, amid Calls for Laws to Combat Hate Speech, Concerns over Freedom of Expression
31 October 2016 Human Rights Crucial, but Exploited for Political Aims, Interference in Internal State Affairs, Third Committee Told as It Debates United Nations Mandate Holders
28 October 2016 Country-specific, Thematic Issues Dominate Meeting, as Third Committee Takes Up Five Texts on Children’s Rights, Other Aspects of Social Development
27 October 2016 Presenting Country Reports to Third Committee, Experts Propose Changes to Unjust, Inhumane Practices, as Delegates Question Findings
26 October 2016 Inclusive Development Means Involving Persons with Disabilities, Albinism in Decisions Affecting Their Lives, Experts Tell Third Committee
25 October 2016 Human Rights to Food, Water, Sanitation Essential for Enjoyment of All Others, Experts Tell Third Committee during Interactive Dialogue
24 October 2016 Migration ‘Defining Human Rights Issue of Our Time’, Experts Tell Third Committee, Urging More Ratifications, Greater Compliance with Conventionse
21 October 2016 Experts Express Alarm over Extrajudicial Killings, Attacks against Human Rights Defenders during Third Committee Interactive Dialogue
20 October 2016 States Duty-Bound to Protect against Human Rights Abuses within Their Territories, Third Committee Hears during Interactive Discussions with Experts
19 October 2016 Growing Intolerance against Migrants, Minorities Challenges Basic Global Values, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Tells Third Committee
18 October 2016 Human Rights Treaty Bodies Need Resources, Compliance by States to Effectively Fulfil Their Mandates, Briefers Tell Third Committee in Interactive Dialogue
17 October 2016 Food and Agriculture Organization Calls Indigenous Peoples ‘True Custodians of Biodiversity’ as Third Committee Holds Day-long Debate on Their Rights
14 October 2016 Child Migrants, Refugees Especially Vulnerable to Violence during Humanitarian Crises, Speakers Tell Third Committee, as Debate on Children Concludes
13 October 2016 Urgent Action Needed to Protect Children from Forced Labour, Other Forms of Exploitation, Special Mandate Holders Tell Third Committee
12 October 2016 Urgent Action Needed to Address Impact of Conflict on Children, Ensure None Left Behind, Special Representatives Tell Third Committee
11 October 2016 Speakers in Third Committee Advocate Gender Equality in Politics, Economy, as Debate on Women’s Advancement Continues
10 October 2016 Speakers Urge Stronger Actions to Prevent Femicide, End to Gender-based Violence, as Third Committee Considers Women’s Advancement
6 October 2016 Speakers in Third Committee Urge Greater Cooperation in Addressing Nexus Between Drugs, Terrorism in Fight against Illicit Narcotics Trade
5 October 2016 Young Delegates Urge Better Access to Education, Inclusion of Youth in Decisions, as Third Committee Tackles Inequality, Unemployment, Conflict Prevention
4 October 2016 Speakers Focus on Greater Solidarity with World’s Most Vulnerable People, Unequal Economic Progress, Need to Empower Youth, as Third Committee Opens Session
30 September 2016 Maria Emma Mejía Vélez (Colombia) Chair of Third Committee
17 December 2015 General Assembly Adopts 64 Third Committee Texts Covering Issues Including Migrants, Children’s Rights, Human Rights Defenders
25 November 2015 Concluding Intense Session, Third Committee Approves Final Draft Resolution on Human Rights Defenders, Sending Package of 62 Texts to General Assembly
24 November 2015 In a Rare Call for Vote over ‘Rights of Child’ Resolution, Third Committee Delegates Heatedly Debate Sex Education, Approving Package of 13 Texts
23 November 2015 Addressing Range of Rights Issues, from Self-Determination to Globalization, Third Committee Sends 13 Draft Resolutions to General Assembly
20 November 2015 Approving Nine Texts, Third Committee Asks World Body to Urge Respect for Human Rights When States Tackle Terrorism, Address Refugee Crisis
19 November 2015 Reporting on Human Rights in War-Torn Syria ‘Counterproductive’, Third Committee Hears, Approving, by Recorded Vote, Texts on Country Situation Findings
18 November 2015 As Third Committee Unanimously Approves Draft Text on Human Rights in Myanmar, Delegates Express Hope for Smooth Post-Election Transition to New Government
17 November 2015 Third Committee Approves Texts Relating to Torture, Minorities, Elections, Social Inclusion, Rights Centres in Africa, South-West Asia, Arab Region
16 November 2015 At Third Committee Debate, Human Rights Council President Says High Response Level Marked Body’s Active Engagement in Cases of Urgent, Chronic Violations
12 November 2015 Tabling 1 Draft, Third Committee Approves 4 Texts, Addressing Human Rights, Gender Equality, Finding Durable Solutions for Refugees, Asylum Seekers
10 November 2015 Third Committee Tables Four Draft Resolutions, Addressing Situation in Syria, Self-Determination, Nazism, Human Rights Centre in Central Africa
5 November 2015 Third Committee Concludes Human Rights Debate, Tabling 14 Drafts, Sending 6 Texts to General Assembly on Terrorism, Gender Violence, Drug Control, Crime, Justice
4 November 2015 While ‘Host’ States Shoulder Burden of Massive Refugee Influx, Delegates Tell Third Committee ‘Resources Are Not Unlimited’, Long-Term Solutions Needed
3 November 2015 Amid Record Numbers of People Displaced by War, Humanitarian Actors No Longer Able to Provide Core Assistance, Protection, Top Official Tells Third Committee
2 November 2015 States Must Bolster Efforts to Address Racist Fault-Lines, Foreign Fighter Trend, Speakers Warn as Third Committee Debates Xenophobia, Self-Determination Rights
30 October 2015 Demand for United Nations Electoral Help Remains Strong, Top Political Affairs Official Says, as Third Committee Continues Rights Debate, Tabling 10 Texts
29 October 2015 Respecting Human Rights Was ‘Bedrock’ of Development, Experts Tell Third Committee as Speakers Call to End Impunity over Violations Cited in Country Reports
28 October 2015 Continuing Third Committee Rights Debate, Experts Present Country Reports as Speakers Question Findings on Water, Minority Issues, Displacement
27 October 2015 Disability Is Not Inability, Special Rapporteurs Tell Third Committee, Urging National Reforms to Ensure Social Inclusion, Human Rights Protection
26 October 2015 Special Rapporteurs Tell Third Committee Checks, Balances Sorely Needed to Ensure Counter-Terrorism Laws, Sanctions Comply with Human Rights Norms
23 October 2015 Restrictive State Policies Trigger Greater Risks for Migrants, Special Rapporteur Cautions Third Committee as Human Rights Debate Continues
22 October 2015 Warning Third Committee, Experts Express Alarm at Organ-Harvest Attacks on Persons with Albinism, Criminalizing Homelessness, Violence against Rights Defenders
21 October 2015 Human Rights-Based Approaches ‘Urgently’ Needed to Mitigate Global Crisis of Migration Governance, High Commissioner Tells Third Committee
20 October 2015 Convention against Torture Only as Strong as States’ Commitments, Support, Experts Tell Third Committee in Interactive Dialogues on Human Rights
19 October 2015 Speakers Call for Further Advances in Broadening Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, Equal Participation at United Nations, Third Committee Hears
16 October 2015 Despite Global Gains, Efforts Must Be Redoubled to Stamp Out Targeted Violence, Third Committee Hears, Concluding Debate on Children
15 October 2015 Voices of ‘Silent Citizens’ Must Be Heard, Third Committee Speakers Urge, Calling for Action to Protect Rights, as Debate on Children Continues
14 October 2015 Opening Debate on Children’s Rights, Officials Warn Third Committee of Disturbing Spike in Targeted Abductions, Recruitment by Armed Groups, Shuttered Schools
13 October 2015 ‘Landmark’ Promises, Political Will Must Translate into Much-Needed Action to Protect, Promote, Advance Women’s Rights, Delegates Tell Third Committee
12 October 2015 Top Officials Hail Milestones from Beijing to Paris on Path to Gender Equality as Third Committee Opens Debate on Women’s Rights, Empowerment
9 October 2015 Top Official Urges Third Committee to Build ‘Bridge’ Linking Sustainable Development Agenda to Assembly’s Special Session on World Drug Problem
8 October 2015 International Community Must Enhance, Bolster Cooperation, Putting Human Beings at Heart of Drug Policies, Speakers Tell Third Committee
7 October 2015 Third Committee’s Youth Delegates Weigh in on Pressing Challenges, Threats, Emphasizing Education as Bedrock of Sustainable Future for All
6 October 2015 In Shadows of New 2030 Agenda, Third Committee Opens Session with Speakers Sharing Achievements, Concerns on Social Development Challenges Ahead
5 October 2015 Omar Hilale of Morocco Chair of Third Committee
25 November 2015 While Approving 14 Draft Resolutions without Vote, Third Committee Tackles Four Texts on Human Rights, Peace, International Democracy, Mercenaries
24 November 2015 Third Committee Approves New Text Protecting Children from Bullying, Sending 14 Drafts to General Assembly
21 November 2015 Heatedly Debating Girls' Rights, Third Committee Sends 10 Drafts, Including New Text on Children, to General Assembly
19 November 2015 Third Committee Sends Text Asking General Assembly to Demand States End Honour Killings, Extrajudicial Deaths Targeting Vulnerable Groups
18 November 2015 Intensely Debating Targeted Country Reviews, Third Committee Approves Draft Texts on Iran, Syria, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
17 November 2015 Human Rights Council ‘Victim of Its Own Success’ as Non-State Actors Create Added Burden, Top Official Tells Third Committee
13 November 2015 Highlighting Youth Skills, Refugees, Regional Human Rights Centre, Third Committee Sends 3 Texts to General Assembly
11 November 2015 Tabling 14 Draft Texts on Human Rights, Third Committee Delegates Propose Sweeping Measures, from Monitoring Mercenaries to Combating Intolerance
6 November 2015 Delegates Call for Durable Solutions to Prolonged Refugee Situations, Third Committee Hears, Ending Two-Day Thematic Debate
5 November 2015 Humanitarian Coffers Near ‘Bankruptcy’, Third Committee Hears, Top Refugee Official Calls for Complete Change of Course
4 November 2015 State of Palestine Must Exercise Right to Sovereignty, Delegates Urge as Third Committee Concludes Thematic Debate
3 November 2015 Flouting International Law, Racism Pervades All Countries, Third Committee Hears at Start of Debate
30 October 2014 Calling Migration a Human Rights Issue, Delegates Urge States to Consider Migrants as ‘Key’ to Development, Third Committee Hears
29 October 2014 United Nations Expert Relays ‘Loud and Clear’ Message from Palestinians: End Impunity, Blockade, Occupation, Third Committee Hears
28 October 2014 ‘Shrinking’ Spaces for Citizens Threatened Democracy, Human Rights, Experts Tell Third Committee as It Considers Country Reports
27 October 2014 Privatizing Education Cripples Universality of Right to Education, Third Committee Hears during Dialogue with Experts
24 October 2014 Migrants Hailed as Development ‘Drivers and Enablers’, Special Rapporteur Tells Third Committee as Rights Debate Continues
23 October 2014 Experts Urge States to Heed International Laws when Using Mass Surveillance to Combat Terrorism, Third Committee Hears, Approving Three Texts
22 October 2014 Human Rights Chief Tells Third Committee ‘Toxic Tide’ of Discrimination, Xenophobia Undermines Equality, Fuels Conflicts, Ebola Outbreak
21 October 2014 Forensic Proof, Medical Records Key in Halting Torture, Special Rapporteur Tells Third Committee as Human Rights Debate Begins
20 October 2014 ‘Largely Invisible’ in Millennium Goals Era, Indigenous Peoples’ Knowledge, Traditions Key to Sustainable Future, Third Committee Told
16 October 2014 Sending Six Draft Resolutions to General Assembly, Third Committee Unanimously Approves Basket of Anti-Crime Texts
15 October 2014 Opening Third Committee Debate on Children’s Rights, Top Officials Implore States to Combat Cybercrime, Violence
14 October 2014 Women Must Co-pilot Talks on Post-2015 Development Goals, Ensure Inclusion of Gender Equality, Empowerment, Third Committee Hears
13 October 2014 General Assembly President, Agency Heads Urge Speedy Efforts towards Equality, Millennium Goals, Ending Gender Violence, Third Committee Hears
10 October 2014 States Must Wield Global Instruments to Crush Human Trafficking, Drug Trade, Restore Peace, Social Order, Speakers Tell Third Committee
9 October 2014 Overwhelming Calls for Concerted, Coordinated, Innovative Strategies in Tackling Drugs, Transnational Crime, Speakers Tell Third Committee
8 October 2014 Generation Raised alongside Millennium Development Goals Needs Jobs, Education, Inclusion in Decision-making, Youth Delegates Tell Third Committee
7 October 2014 Development Must Centre on People, Realization of Social Rights, Third Committee Told at Opening of Session
3 October 2014 Sofia Mesquita Borges of Timor-Leste Chair of Third Committee
27 November 2013 Third Committee Passes 11 Texts, Including One on Protecting Women Human Rights Defenders, as Members Conclude Their Work
26 November 2013 Third Committee Approves Text Titled ‘Right to Privacy in the Digital Age’, as It Takes Action on 18 Draft Resolutions
25 November 2013 Third Committee Approves Texts on Youth Policies, International Cooperation on Human Rights, Protection against Enforced Disappearance
21 November 2013 Third Committee Approves Text on Human Right to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation, 10 Other Draft Resolutions
19 November 2013 Delegates Hail Human Rights Improvements in Myanmar as Third Committee Approves 8 Draft Resolutions, including 4 Country-Specific Texts
14 November 2013 Third Committee Approves Several Texts, Including One Designating 30 July ‘World Day against Trafficking in Persons'
13 November 2013 Participation by All Crucial for Successful Universal Periodic Review of National Records, Third Committee Told
12 November 2013 Solitary Confinement, ‘Refoulement’ Cited as Third Committee Approves Text on Torture, Hears Presentation of 11 Others
7 November 2013 Third Committee Approves Three Draft Resolutions, Including One Addressing Needs of Rural Women
6 November 2013 United Nations Refugee Agency’s Services Severely Tested by Syria Conflict, Persisting Crises Worldwide, High Commissioner Tells Third Committee
5 November 2013 Self-Determination Integral to Basic Human Rights, Fundamental Freedoms, Third Committee Told as It Concludes General Discussion
4 November 2013 Support International Decade for People of African Descent, Working Group Chair Urges, as Third Committee Takes up Racism, Self-Determination
1 November 2013 Delegates Stress Need to Engage with United Nations Human Rights Mechanisms as Third Committee Concludes General Discussion
31 October 2013 Third Committee Approves Texts Aimed at Eradicating Illiteracy Worldwide, Boosting Cooperatives as Sustainable Business Enterprises
30 October 2013 Elections ‘Not an End in Themselves’, Says Under-Secretary-General as Third Committee Continues Discussion on Human Rights
29 October 2013 Progress Cannot Be Hostage to Favoured Agendas, General Assembly President Says as Third Committee Continues Discussion on Human Rights
28 October 2013 Silence of Millennium Goals on Inequalities Called ‘Biggest Blind Spot’ as Third Committee Continues Consideration of Human Rights
25 October 2013 Delegates Consider Deadly Use of Drone Technology as Third Committee Hears More Presentations by Experts on Human Rights Obligations
24 October 2013 Third Committee Approves Text on Women's Advancement as It Continues Hearing Presentations by Special Rapporteurs, Other Human Rights Experts
23 October 2013 Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights Increasingly ‘Action-Oriented’, She Tells Third Committee as It Hears from Special Rapporteurs
22 October 2013 ‘Outdated’ Prisoner-Related Standards Need Revision, Says Special Rapporteur as Third Committee Discusses Human Rights
21 October 2013 Implementing Declaration on Indigenous Rights Will Be Difficult or Impossible without Greater Awareness of Human Rights Values, Third Committee Told)
18 October 2013 Promoting Children’s Rights Key to Future Development, Prosperity, Delegates Stress as Third Committee Concludes Debate
17 October 2013 Third Committee Approves 8 Draft Resolutions, Including Text Aimed at Curbing Trafficking in Cultural Property
16 October 2013 UNICEF Executive Director, in Third Committee, Says 18,000 Children Still Dying Every Day, despite Dramatic Fall in Death Rate
14 October 2013 Domestic, Gender-based Violence Dominate Third Committee Discussion as Speakers Urge Greater Participation by Women in Political Life
11 October 2013 Speakers Urge ‘Stand-Alone’ Status for Gender Equality, Empowerment in Post-2015 Framework as Third Committee Considers Advancement of Women
10 October 2013 Combating Transnational Crime, Need for Greater Funding Overriding Themes as Third Committee Concludes Debate
9 October 2013 Head of United Nations Crime Prevention Office Says Trafficking in Humans, Drugs Violates Human Rights, Undermines Development
8 October 2013 Elderly Called ‘Invaluable’ Force as Third Committee Concludes General Discussion on Social Development
7 October 2013 Social Development Efforts at ‘Important Juncture’, Under-Secretary-General Says as Third Committee Begins Discussion
2 October 2013 Stephan Tafrov of Bulgaria Elected Chair of Third Committee
28 November 2012 Social Development Summit, Follow-up to Beijing Women’s Conference, Child Rights Among Issues, as Third Committee Approves 24 Resolutions, Concludes Session
27 November 2012 General Assembly Will Strongly Condemn Continued Human Rights Violations in Syria, Under Terms of Resolution Approved by Third Committee
26 November 2012 Third Committee Approves Draft Resolution Aimed at Intensifying Global Effort to Eliminate Female Genital Mutilation
21 November 2012 Secretary-General Welcomes Third Committee’s Death Penalty Moratorium Resolution, Saying Taking of Life ‘Too Absolute’ Even Under Legal Regime
20 November 2012 General Assembly Will Condemn in Strongest Terms Use of Extrajudicial Executions, Demand States End Practice, Under Terms of Text Approved by Third Committee
19 November 2012 General Assembly Will Call for Moratorium on Executions, with View to Abolishing Death Penalty, under Terms of Resolution Approved by Third Committee
16 November 2012 Resolution Approved by Third Committee Calls for High-level General Assembly Meeting to Assess Progress against Grave Challenge of Human Trafficking
15 November 2012 Third Committee Approves Resolution That Condemns All Forms of Torture, Calls for Full Implementation of Absolute Prohibition
14 November 2012 Human Rights Council Successfully Built on Strong Desire of States to Address Human Rights Violations in Non-Confrontational Manner, Third Committee Told
13 November 2012 Third Committee Approves Text Reaffirming Fundamental Importance of Universal Realization of Right of All Peoples to Self-Determination
8 November 2012 ‘There Are No First-Class or Second-Class Rights,’ as All Human Rights, Freedoms Interdependent, Indivisible, Third Committee Told
7 November 2012 As Conflicts Multiply, World Community’s Capacity to Respond to People Uprooted by Violence Being Tested in ‘Unforeseen Ways’, Third Committee Told
6 November 2012 Universal Recognition of Inalienable Right to Self-Determination Most Effective Way of Guaranteeing Fundamental Freedoms, Third Committee Told
5 November 2012 Comprehensive Approach, Solid Legal Framework Needed to Address ‘New and Complex’ Challenge of Racial Hatred Promoted Through Internet, Third Committee Told
2 November 2012 Human Rights Not Luxuries, but Rather ‘Inalienable Entitlements’ to Be Exercised Everywhere by All Members of Human Family, Third Committee Told
25 October 2012 UN Expert Calls for Boycott of International Businesses Profiting from Israeli Settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territories, in Third Committee
24 October 2012 Past Year Marred by Events - Syria, Horn of Africa - That 'Put to the Test' World Community's Capacity to Respond to Human Rights Crises, Third Committee Told
23 October 2012 In Third Committee, Special Rapporteur on Torture Calls on States to Seriously Reconsider Whether Death Penalty Amounts to Cruel, Inhuman Treatment
22 October 2012 Much Progress since General Assembly Adoption of Indigenous Rights Declaration, But ‘Long Way to Go’ to Fully Realize Those Rights, Third Committee Told
19 October 2012 Third Committee Speakers Describe National Efforts to Safeguard Child Development, Including Intensified Effort to Combat Under-5 Malnutrition in Developing World
18 October 2012 Strengthening UN Efforts against Transnational Organized Crime among Issues Addressed, as Third Committee Approves 5 Texts on Criminal Justice
17 October 2012 Too Many Children Being Left Behind Due to Poverty, Malnutrition, ‘Unpardonable Discrimination’, UN Children’s Fund Head Tells Third Committee
16 October 2012 Third Committee Debate on Women’s Rights Critical to Achieving Gender Equality, Goal That Should Receive Wide Global Support, Says General Assembly President
15 October 2012 Pervasive, Continued Violence against Women ‘An Appalling Human Rights Violation;’ Eliminating Such Violence at Core of Women’s Empowerment, Third Committee Told
11 October 2012 Heinous, Fast-Growing Crimes of Human, Drug Trafficking Will Continue to Ravage World’s Economies without Coordinated Global Action, Third Committee Told
10 October 2012 World Faces Complex, Interconnected Threats from Practically Seamless ‘Web of Drugs, Crime and Sometimes Terrorism', Third Committee Told
9 October 2012 Creation of Decent Work - Especially for Millions of Unemployed Youth - Vital for Reducing Inequality, Eradicating Poverty, Third Committee Told
8 October 2012 Significant Progress Made Towards Development Goals, but Multifaceted Challenges Remain, ‘None More Daunting’ Than Rising Inequality, Third Committee Told
18 September 2012 Henry Leonard Mac-Donald of Suriname Chair of Third Committee
4 September 2012 Third Committee Elects Bureau for Sixty-Seventh General Assembly Session
22 November 2011 Third Committee Approves Resolution Condemning Human Rights Violations in Syria, by Vote of 122 in Favour to 13 Against, with 41 Abstentions
21 November 2011 Third Committee Approves Draft Resolutions on Human Rights Situations in Iran, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Myanmar
18 November 2011 Third Committee Approves Text Stressing Critical Importance of Women's Political Participation in All Contexts — Peace, Conflict, Political Transition
17 November 2011 Third Committee Approves Resolution Recommending Adoption of United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training
15 November 2011 Text Recommending Adoption of Protocol to Child Rights Convention Establishing Communications Procedure for Individual Complaints Approved by Third Committee
10 November 2011 Third Committee Approves Text Condemning All Forms of Torture, Any Steps to Legalize Such Actions, Including on Grounds of National Security
8 November 2011 Draft Text Approved by Third Committee Recognizes Youth as ‘Key Agents for Social Change’, Affirms Investment in Youth Crucial for Sustainable Development
3 November 2011 Third Committee Approves Draft Resolution on Women’s Anti-Discrimination Convention; Hears Introduction of 11 Texts on Wide Range of Issues
2 November 2011 Five Years after Creation, Human Rights Council Has Completed Appraisal of Human Rights Situation in Every Country in the World, Third Committee Told
1 November 2011 21st Century Proving to Be ‘Century of People on the Move’, Innovative Approaches Needed to Address New Patterns of Forced Displacement, Third Committee Told
31 October 2011 UN Expert Reports ‘Alarming Resurgence’ in Use of Mercenaries to Violate Human Rights, Often in New, Novel Ways, in Statement to Third Committee
28 October 2011 Ten Years after Global Agreement in Durban on Framework to Combat Racism, No Country Could Claim to Be Free from Scourge, Third Committee Told
27 October 2011 In Third Committee, States Describe National Efforts Made to Meet Human Rights Obligations; Stress Rights Are Equal, Indivisible, Mutually Reinforcing
26 October 2011 With Crises Disproportionately Affecting Most Vulnerable, World Community Must Ensure Economic, Social Rights Not Relegated to Second Tier, Committee Told
25 October 2011 Landmark Election in Tunisia Superb Demonstration of UN Providing Advice, Support, while Fully Respecting National Leadership, Ownership Third Committee Told
24 October 2011 Several Aspects of Sexual, Reproductive Health — Providing Information, Using Contraception, Abortion — Should Be ‘Decriminalized’, Third Committee Told
21 October 2011 Extremists Have Pushed Anti-immigration Agenda, but in Fact ‘We Are All Migrants’, Migrant Rights Are Human Rights, Says United Nations Expert in Third Committee
20 October 2011 Under Prolonged Israeli Occupation, Children’s Development ‘Deformed by Pervasive Deprivations’ Affecting Health, Education, Security, UN Expert Tells Committee
19 October 2011 Protest Movements in Middle East, North Africa Reaffirm Reach of Human Rights Even Where Repression ‘Once Seemed Immutable’
18 October 2011 Special Rapporteur on Torture Tells Third Committee Use of Prolonged Solitary Confinement on Rise, Calls for Global Ban on Practice
17 October 2011 Special Rapporteur Highlights ‘Negative, Even Catastrophic’ Impact of Extractive Industries on Rights of Indigenous Peoples, in Third Committee Statement
14 October 2011 In Third Committee Member States Detail National Steps to Safeguard, Nurture Children, Call for More Support to ‘The Most Vulnerable of the Vulnerables’
13 October 2011 Strengthening Global Efforts against Criminal Financing, Money-Laundering, among Issues Addressed, as Third Committee Approves Four Criminal Justice Texts
12 October 2011 ‘Too Many Children Are Being Left Behind’ Simply Because They Are Born Female, Have Disabilities, Live in World’s Poorest Places
11 October 2011 With Equal Rights, Empowerment, Women Can Be ‘Agents of Change’ for Sustained Socio-economic Development, Security around World
10 October 2011 After ‘Remarkable Year’ for Gender Equality, Women’s Empowerment, Momentum Must Be Turned into Tangible Gains for Women, Girls Everywhere, Third Committee Told
6 October 2011 Criminal Groups Trafficking in Drugs, Weapons Can Destabilize Countries, Regions; Combating Them Requires Increased Cooperation, Resources
5 October 2011 World Confronts Complex, ‘Practically Seamless Web’ of Crime, Corruption, Drugs, Which Touches Every Country, Spans Every Region
4 October 2011 Austerity Measures Adopted by Developed Countries Hurt Global Growth, Push More into Poverty, Just When Greater Social Protection Needed
3 October 2011 As World Struggles with Economic Crisis, ‘Time Bomb’ of Rising Social Inequality Could Tear Apart Moral Fabric of Societies
16 September 2011 Third Committee Completes Bureau for Sixty-Sixth General Assembly Session
14 September 2011 Haniff Hussein of Malaysia Chair of Third Committee
23 November 2010
Third Committee Approves Eight More Draft Resolutions as Current Session Concludes; Durban Commemorative Meeting, Regulating Private Security Companies among Issues
22 November 2010 Third Committee Approves Text to Ensure Human Rights Protected in Anti-Terrorism Efforts, Another Stating ‘No Religion Should Be Equated with Terrorism’
19 November 2010 General Assembly Will Declare 30 August International Day for Victims of Enforced Disappearance, in Resolution Approved by Third Committee
18 November 2010
Third Committee Approves Resolutions on Human Rights in Myanmar, Iran, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
16 November 2010 General Assembly Will Hold ‘World Conference on Indigenous Peoples’ in 2014, under Terms of Resolution Recommended by Third Committee
11 November 2010
General Assembly Will Call for All States to Establish a Moratorium on Executions with View to Abolishing Death Penalty, under Text Approved by Third Committee
9 November 2010 Third Committee Approves Text Calling for Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Global Development Goal Efforts, High-Level Meeting to Assess Progress
4 November 2010 Third Committee Approves Three Texts on Women’s Issues — Welcoming ‘UN Women’, Condemning All Violence against Women, Establishing International Widow’s Day
3 November 2010 Eliminating Racial Discrimination; Ensuring Right to Self-Determination; Protecting Refugees Issues Addressed, as Third Committee Continues Human Rights Debate
2 November 2010 Voluntary Refugee Returns Worst in Two Decades; World Faces Quasi-Permanent Refugee Situations in Areas of Never-Ending Conflict, Third Committee Told
1 November 2010 Intergovernmental Working Group Established by Human Rights Council to Elaborate Convention on Regulating Private Security Companies, Third Committee Told
28 October 2010 Third Committee Approves Draft Text Calling for General Assembly Plenary Meeting to Launch International Year of Cooperatives 2012
27 October 2010
National Efforts to Protect Human Rights, Effectiveness of Human Rights Council and Special Procedures among Issues, as Third Committee Debate Continues
26 October 2010 ‘Cornerstone’ Security Council Resolutions on Counter-Terrorism Should Be Replaced by Single Text Not Adopted Under Charter’s Chapter VII, Third Committee Told
25 October 2010 General Assembly, Human Rights Council Texts Declaring Water, Sanitation Human Right ‘Breakthrough’; Challenge Now to Turn Right ‘into a Reality’, Third Committee Told
22 October 2010 Past Trends towards Increasing ‘Criminalization’ of Irregular Migration Continue; Migrants Face Racism, Abuse, Appalling Housing Conditions, Third Committee Told
21 October 2010 Unprecedented Pressures on Farmland — with 30 million Hectares Lost Annually — Poses ‘Direct Threat to the Right to Food of Rural Populations’, Third Committee Told
20 October 2010 Sixty Years after Human Rights Declaration Adopted Challenge Remains Same — Bringing Vision Closer to Ground, so It Touches ‘Lives of Real People’, Third Committee Told
19 October 2010 Twenty-Six Years after UN Treaty Aimed at Absolute Prohibition of Torture Adopted ‘We Have Not yet Achieved That Goal,’ Third Committee Told
18 October 2010 Implementation of Indigenous Rights Declaration Should Be Regarded as Political, Moral, Legal Imperative without Qualification, Third Committee Told
15 October 2010 Third Committee Speakers Describe Wide Range of Ways - from Reintegration of Child Soldiers to Rural Schools-on-Wheels - Countries promote Child Rights
14 October 2010 Third Committee Approves Text on ‘Bangkok Rules’ for Treatment of Female Prisoners; One of Four Criminal Justice Resolutions Recommended to General Assembly
13 October 2010 To ‘Truly Universalize’ Child Rights Global Community Must Reach Neediest Children in Critical Early Years with Nutrition, Protection, Third Committee Told
12 October 2010
Third Committee Speakers Say 2010 ‘Groundbreaking Year’ for Women’s Empowerment, with Creation of UN Women, While Underlining Many Challenges Ahead
11 October 2010 Calls for Gender Equality, Women’s Empowerment ‘Must Be More Than a Mantra; It Must Become a Lived Reality’ for Women in All Countries, Third Committee Told
7 October 2010 Transnational Organized Crime Extending Reach into New Areas — Cyber Crime, ‘High Seas Poaching’ — Which Needs Coordinated Response, Third Committee Told
6 October 2010 Struggle against Organized Crime, Corruption, Drug Trafficking Connected; Too Big for Countries to Confront on Their Own, Third Committee Told
5 October 2010 Residual Effects of Global Crises – Financial, Food, Fuel – Impeding Progress towards Achieving Millennium Development Goals, Third Committee Told
4 October 2010 To Achieve Development Goals ‘Inclusive Policies’ Needed to Reduce Unemployment, Fight Poverty, Lessen Social Injustice, Says Under-Secretary General
14 September 2010 Michel Tommo Monthe of Cameroon Chair of Third Committee (14 September 2010)
27 August 2010 Michel Tommo Monthe of Cameroon Elected Chair of Third Committee for Sixty-Fifth Session of General Assembly (27 August 2010)
23 December 2009 General Assembly Adopts $5.16 Billion Budget for 2010-2011, Maintains Current Scale of Assessments for Regular Budget, Peacekeeping, Concluding Main Part of Session
18 December 2009 General Assembly Adopts 56 Resolutions, 9 Decisions Recommended by Third Committee on Broad Range of Human Rights, Social, Cultural Issues
24 November 2009 Girl Child, Eliminating Racism, Protecting Human Rights while Countering Terrorism among Issues, as Third Committee Approves Five More Texts, Concludes Session
23 November 2009 Third Committee Decision Welcomes Outcome of Durban Review Conference, One of Six Texts Recommended to General Assembly for Adoption
20 November 2009 Acting on 20th Anniversary of Child Rights Convention, Third Committee Approves Annual Resolution on Rights of the Child by Consensus
19 November 2009 General Assembly Will Adopt Declaration, Strategy to Counter World Drug Problem under Terms of Draft Resolution Approved by Third Committee
12 November 2009 Third Committee Approves Resolution Aimed at ‘Combating Defamation of Religions’, One of 16 Draft Texts Recommended to General Assembly
10 November 2009 Saying Torture Can ‘Never Be Justified,’ Third Committee Approves Text Condemning Any Attempt to Legalize, Authorize, Including on National Security Grounds
3 November 2009 Five ‘Mega-Trends” -- including Population Growth, Urbanization, Climate Change -- Make Contemporary Displacement Increasingly Complex, Third Committee Told
2 November 2009 Third Committee Speakers Say Durban Review Conference Start of New Era in Fight against Racial Discrimination
29 October 2009 Third Committee Approves Resolution Calling for ‘Intensified Efforts’ by All UN Bodies to Eliminate Violence against Women
28 October 2009 Speakers in Third Committee Draw Links between Fight to Secure Human Rights, Fight against Poverty, as Three-Day Discussion Concludes
27 October 2009 UN Expert tells Third Committee No State Free from Human Rights Violations, Accountability System Must Be Effective in as Many States as Possible
26 October 2009 Political Affairs Head Says UN Efforts to Assist Elections in ‘High Demand’ as Third Committee’s Debate on Promotion of Human Rights Continues
23 October 2009 Third Committee Hears Presentations from Six UN Human Rights Experts, As Debate on Promotion, Protection of Human Rights Continues
22 October 2009 Third Committee Approves Texts on Crime Congress, Cooperatives, Year of Family, Women’s Anti-Discrimination Convention, African Crime Institute, Ageing
21 October 2009 Ordinary People Throughout World Want Human Rights of Universal Declaration ‘Translated into Reality’, UN High Commissioner Tells Third Committee
20 October 2009 Convention against Torture ‘Next Generation Treaty’ That Places Value on Prevention over Cure, Third Committee Told
19 October 2009 Implementing Declaration on Indigenous Rights Will Bring ‘Historical Justice’, Develop Stronger, Democratic, Multicultural Societies, Third Committee Told
16 October 2009 Credibility of States ‘Rested in Their Work for Future Generations’; Children Must Be Protected, Nurtured, Encouraged to Participate, Third Committee Told
15 October 2009 Third Committee Approves Texts on Commemoration of 15th Anniversary of Beijing Declaration, Technical Assistance for Implementing Terrorism Conventions
14 October 2009 Urgent Action Needed by World Community to Stamp Out Violence against Children, Newly Appointed Special Representative Tells Third Committee
13 October 2009 Efforts to Empower Women, Initiatives to Promote Sustainable Economic Growth Mutually Reinforcing, Say Third Committee Speakers
12 October 2009 Third Committee Delegates Encourage Speedy Implementation of Proposal for New, Composite United Nations Body to Oversee Gender Equality, Women’s Empowerment
8 October 2009 Successful Fight against Drug Trafficking, Transnational Organized Crime Requires Interlocking National, Regional, International Strategies, Third Committee Told
7 October 2009 Sinister Nexus’ of Drugs, Crime, Terrorism Must Be Countered by Promoting Health, Justice, Security, Third Committee Told
6 October 2009 Strengthening Well-Being of Youth Not Just a Question of Rights; Should Be Key Strategy in Bolstering Vitality of Global Village, Third Committee Told
5 October 2009 World Economic Crisis Could Have ‘Unparalleled Negative Consequences’ on Human Development, Third Committee Told, as Debate Begins for Current Session/td>

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