73rd session (current)


74th session (upcoming)

The 74th session of the General Assembly will open on Tuesday, 17 September 2019.

Issuance dates of key documents:

  • 15 February 2019 - Preliminary list of items for the provisional agenda (A/74/50)
  • 14 June 2019 - Annotated preliminary list
  • 19 July 2019 - Provisional agenda
  • 29 August 2019 - Supplementary list

General Assembly documents

Basic symbol format for General Assembly documents:
A / [session] / [sequential number] - e.g.: A/73/120.

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Member States "On the record"

Direct access to Members States' statements made before the General Assembly (and other main organs), inlcuding sponsored draft resolutions, submitted periodic reports on Human Rights conventions, and more.


The full text of recent meeting records can be retrieved through UNBISnet and the Official Document System of the United Nations (ODS).

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