Committee on Contributions

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Administrative and Budgetary (Fifth) Committee of the General Assembly
The Fifth Committee is the Committee of the General Assembly with responsibilities for administration and budgetary matters. Based on the reports of the Fifth Committee, the General Assembly considers and approves the budget of the Organization in accordance with Chapter IV, Article 17 of the Charter of the United Nations. The website of the Fifth Committee contains detailed information about the work of the Committee and links to relevant documents.

Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ)
The ACABQ is a subsidiary organ of the General Assembly (GA). Its mandate and functions are established by Assembly resolution 14 (I) of 13 February 1946. The Committee:

Department of General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management (DGACM)
DGACM is responsible, among other things, for providing Secretariat meetings support, interpretation, documents or verbatim and summary records to the General Assembly.

United Nations Statistics Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs
The United Nations Statistics Division's main functions are:

The Statistics Division of DESA plays a key role in servicing the Committee on Contributions. 

System of Organizations
This web site serves as a portal to web sites of the United Nations, its funds and programmes, and specialized agencies. It also includes links to key projects and initiatives and to various joint programmes of the UN System. These web sites are administered by their respective organizational units.

 UN System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB)
The Chief Executives Board (CEB) furthers coordination and cooperation on a whole range of substantive and management issues facing United Nations system organizations. CEB brings together on a regular basis the executive heads of the organizations of the United Nations system, under the chairmanship of the Secretary General of the United Nations. CEB is supported by two high-level committees; one responsible for substantive programme areas (HLCP) and the other for the strategic management of the organizations (HLCM).


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