Commission on the Status of Women
40th Session

11-22 March 1996

The fortieth session of CSW was held on 11 - 22 March 1996 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Official Documents

E/1996/26 Report of the CSW 40th session(full text)

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Chapter 2
Chapter 3

E/1996/26 Rapport sur la 40i è me session de la CCF

Table de Matières
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Chapître 2
Chapître 3
Chapître 4
Chapîtres 5-7
Les Annexes

E/1996/26 Informe sobre el 40 Período de Sesiones de la CCJSM

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Capítulo 2
Capítulo 3
Capítulo 4
Capítulos 5-7

Implementation of Strategic Objectives in the Beijing Platform for Action:

Women and the Media

Background papers:
Lipstick Imperialism and the New World Order: Women and Media at the Close of the 20th Century by Margaret Gallagher
Equal access of women to means of communication in Africa  by J. Karim
Women as presented in the Russian Media by N. Azhgikhina

Toronto Symposium:
Women and the Media: Access to expression and decision-making

Report of the Secretary-General:
E/CN.6/1996/4 Women and the Media

Other Official Documents:
E/CN.6/1996/1 Provisional Agenda

Follow-up to the FWCW

E/CN.6/1996/5 Child and dependant care, including sharing of work and family responsibilities

E/CN.6/1996/6 Education for Peace

E/CN.6/1996/10/Add.1 Elaboration of an Optional Protocol to CEDAW

E/CN.6/1996/10/Corr.1 Elaboration of a Draft Protocol to the CEDAW

E/CN.6/1996/14 Proposal for the Medium Term Plan

E/CN.6/1996/CRP.2 UN System-wide Plan for Women (Part 1/2)

E/CN.6/1996/CRP.2 UN System-wide Plan for Women (Part 2/2)

Agreed conclusions 1996/1. Methods of work for dealing with the implementation of the Platform for Action adopted by the Fourth World Conference on Women

Agreed conclusions 1996/2. Women and the media

Agreed conclusions 1996/3. Child and dependant care, including sharing of work and family responsibilities