Commission on the Status of Women
41st Session

10-21 March 1997
Official Documents
Expert Group meetings

The 41st Session of CSW was held 10 - 21 March 1997 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Final Report

E/1997/27 CSW Report of the forty-first session - English

E/1997/27 CSW Report of the forty-first session - French

E/1997/27 CSW Report of the forty-first session - Spanish

Official Documents: Agenda and annotations, and proposed organization

E/CN.6/1997/2: Report of SG on progress achieved in follow-up to FWCW and in mainstreaming a gender

E/CN.6/1997/3: Report of SG on thematic issues before the Commission.

E/CN.6/1997/4: Report of SG on a comparative summary of existing communications and inquiry procedures and practices under international

E/CN.6/1997/5: Report of the SG containing additional views of Governments, intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental ...

E/CN.6/1997/6: Note by the SG on Agreed Conclusions adopted by ECOSOC at its 1996 coordination segment on coordination of the UN system activities

E/CN.6/1997/7: Report of the SG on the improvement of the status of women in the Secretariat.

E/CN.6/1997/8: Note by the SG transmitting information provided by UNIFEM on the implementation of GA resolution 50/166.

E/CN.6/1997/L.1: Note by the Secretariat on the Status of Documentation for the Session.

E/CN.6/1997/WG/L.1: Working Group on the Elaboration of a Draft Optional Protocol to CEDAW - Note by the Secretariat.

Expert Group Meetings

Education and Training of Women

Expert Group Meeting (Turin, Italy, 2-6 December 1996) - Aide memoire

Press Release on EGM on Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning of Women

Report of the Expert Group Meeting on Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning of Women (Turin, Italy, 2 - 6 December 1996)

Women and the Environment

Expert Group Meeting (Santo Domingo, 18-22 November 1996) - Aide Memoire

Report of the EGM on Women, Population and Sustainable Development: The Road from Rio, Cairo and Beijing(Santo Domingo, 18-22 November 1996)

Expert Group Meeting - Women and the Economy

Expert Group Meeting (Boston, 11-15 November 1996) - Aide memoire

Report of the EGM on Women and Economic Decision-Making in International Financial Institutions and Transnational Corporations

Women in Power and Decision-making
Expert Group Meeting (Santo Domingo, 7-11 October 1996) - Aide memoire

Report of the Expert Group Meeting (Santo Domingo, 7-11 October 1996)


  • Panel I: Women and the Environment, 11 March 1997 a.m.

    Facilitator/Moderator: Ms. Sharon Brennen-Haylock (Bahamas), Chairperson CSW

    Government Nominees

    Ms. Sirpa Peitikäinen (Finland), Economist and former Minister of Environment

    Dr. Christina Amoako-Nuama (Ghana) Minister for Environment, Science and Technology

    Expert from Expert Group Meeting

    Ms. Rachel Kyte (UK), World Conservation Union (IUCN), Brussels

    Civil Society

    Mrs. Khawar Mumtaz (Pakistan) Coordinator, Shirkat Gah - Women's Resource Centre

    UN System Expert

    Mr. Nitin Desai, Under-Secretary-General for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development, United Nations Secretariat

  • Panel II: Women in Power and Decision-making, 12 March 1997 a.m.

    Facilitator/Moderator: Ms. Ljudmila Boskova (Bulgaria), Vice-chairperson, CSW

    Government Nominees

    Ms. Billie Miller (Barbados), Deputy Prime Minister Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tourism and International Transport
    Prof. Zofia Kuratowska (Poland), Deputy Speaker, Senate Ms. Paloma Durán y Lalaguna (Spain) Professor at the Faculty of Legal Sciences, Jaume I University

    Expert from the Expert Group Meeting

    Ms. Eugenia Piza Lopez (Mexico), Policy and Advocacy Manager, International Alert

    Civil Society

    Mrs. Faiza Kefi (Tunisia), Member of the Tunisian National Assembly, President of IPU Coordinating Committee of Women Parliamentarians, Member of IPU's Executive Committee until September 1996

    UN System Expert


  • Panel III: Women and the Economy, 12 March 1997 p.m.

    Facilitator/Moderator: Ms. Karin Stoltenberg (Norway), Vice-chairperson CSW

    Government Nominees

    Ms. Mihye ROH (Republic of Korea), Vice-President, Korean Women's Development Institute (KWDI)
    Her Excellency Ms. Akmaral Kh. Arystanbekova (Kazakstan), Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Permanent Representative of the Republic of Kazakstan to the United Nations

    Expert from Expert Grroup Meeting

    Ms. Donna Dillon Manning (USA), Vice President, New Ventures, Catalyst

    Civil Society

    Ms. Mamounata Cissé (Burkina Faso), General Secretary, Organisation Nationale des Syndicats Libres (ONSL)

    UN System Expert

    Ms. Lin Lean Lim, Labour Market Policies Branch, International Labour Organization (ILO)

  • Panel IV: Education and Training of Women, 14 March 1997 a.m.

    Facilitator/Moderator: Ms. Zakia Amara Bonaziz (Tunisia), Vice-chairperson CSW

    Government Nominees

    Ms. Valentina Ivanovna Matvienko (Russian Federation), Member of Board, Director, Department for Links with the Subjects of Federation, Parliament, Public and Political Organizations, Foreign Ministry

    Ms. Irene de la Caridad Rivera Ferreiro (Cuba), Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education

    Expert from the Expert Group Meeting

    Ms. Swarna Jayaweera (Sri Lanka), Coordinator, Centre for Women's Research

    Civil Society

    Ms. Celia Eccher (Uruguay), International Council for Adult Education (ICEA), Coordinator, Guidance and Education Programme

    UN System Expert

    Ms. Aicha Bah Diallo, Director, Division of Basic Education, UNESCO (former Minister of Pre-University Education, Guinea)