Commission on the Status of Women
39th Session

15 March-4 April 1995

The thirty-ninth session of CSW was held on 15 March - 4 April 1995.

Official Documents

E/1995/26 Report on the 39th Session of CSW

E/1995/26 Rapport sur la 39ième session de la CCF

E/1995/26 Informe sobre el 39~ Período de Sesiones de la CCJSM

E/CN.6/1995/1 Adoption of the Agenda

E/CN.6/1995/2 Draft Platform for Action

E/CN.6/1995/2 Projet de plate-forme d'action

E/CN.6/1995/2 Proyecto de Plataforma de Acción

E/CN.6/1995/3 Second Report on Nairobi Forward-looking Strategies

E/CN.6/1995/3/Add.1 Women and Poverty

E/CN.6/1995/3/Add.2 Inequality in Access to Education

E/CN.6/1995/3/Add.3 Inequality in Health Services

E/CN.6/1995/3/Add.4 Violence against Women

E/CN.6/1995/3/Add.5 Economic Structures and Policies

E/CN.6/1995/3/Add.6 Power and Decision-making at All Levels

E/CN.6/1995/3/Add.7 Women and Human Rights

E/CN.6/1995/3/Add.8 Use of Mass Media

E/CN.6/1995/3/Add.9 Managing Natural Resources

E/CN.6/1995/3/Add.10 International Action

E/CN.6/1995/4 Status of Preparations for World Conference on Women

E/CN.6/1995/5 Results of Regional Conferences

E/CN.6/1995/5/Add.1 Asia and Pacific Regional Conference - Jakarta

E/CN.6/1995/5/Add.2 African Regional Conference - Dakar

E/CN.6/1995/5/Add.3 Latin American Regional Conference- Mar del Plata

E/CN.6/1995/5/Add.4 European Regional Conference - Vienna

E/CN.6/1995/5/Add.5 Arab Regional Conference - Amman

E/CN.6/1995/5/Add.6 Women and UNCED - Excerpts from Agenda21

E/CN.6/1995/5/Add.7 Women and Human Rights - Excerpts from Vienna

E/CN.6/1995/6 Technical Assistance and Women

E/CN.6/1995/7 Status of Women in the Secretariat

E/CN.6/1995/8 Situation of Palestinian Women

E/CN.6/1995/9 Crime Prevention and Violence against Women

E/CN.6/1995/10 Equality in Economic Decision-making

E/CN.6/1995/11 Gender, Education and Training

E/CN.6/1995/12 Women in International Decision-making

E/CN.6/1995/13 Joint Work Plan on Women's Human Rights

E/CN.6/1995/L.2 Proposed Organization of Work - 1995 CSW Session

E/CN.6/1995/L.3 Proposed Programme of Work 1996-1997 Biennium