The United Nations
Fourth World Conference on Women

Beijing, China - September 1995
Action for Equality, Development and Peace

Official Documents of the Fourth World Conference on Women

A/CONF.177/1 Provisional Agenda
A/CONF.177/2 Provisional Rules of Procedure
A/CONF.177/3 Organizational and Procedural Matters
A/CONF.177/4 Review and Appraisal of Implementation of NFLS
A/CONF.177/5 Note on 1994 World Survey on Women in Development
A/CONF.177/6 Note on "The World's Women : Trends and Statistics"
A/CONF.177/7 Progress in Elimination of Discrim. Against Women
A/CONF.177/8 Results of Regional Conferences
A/CONF.177/9 Gender Concerns and UN Human Rights Mechanisms
A/CONF.177/10 Causes and Consequences of Violence Against Women
A/CONF.177/11 Message of Ministerial Conference of Non-aligned Countries
A/CONF.177/13 Note on Background Material for Deliberations
A/CONF.177/14 Report of Credentials Committee
A/CONF.177/15 Note on Report on Women and Children in Armed Conflicts
A/CONF.177/17 Statement by Delegation of Azerbaijan
A/CONF.177/18 Statement by Delegation of France
A/CONF.177/19 Statement by Delegation of Turkey
A/CONF.177/20 Informe de la Cuarta Conferencia Mundial sobre la Mujer
A/CONF.177/20 Rapport de la Quatrie`me confe'rence mondiale sur les femmes
A/CONF.177/20 Report of the Fourth World Conference on Women
A/CONF.177/20/Add.1 De'clarations Liminaires et Allocutions de Clo^ture
A/CONF.177/20/Add.1 Declaraciones Introductorias y de Clausura
A/CONF.177/20/Add.1 Opening and Closing Statements
A/CONF.177/INF/1 Information for Participants
A/CONF.177/INF/1/Corr.1 Information for Participants - Corrigendum
A/CONF.177/L.1 Draft Platform for Action ( May 1995 )
A/CONF.177/L.1 Project de Programme d'Action (mai 1995)
A/CONF.177/L.1 Proyecto de Plataforma de Accio'n (mayo de 1995)
A/CONF.177/L.2 Report of Informal Contact Group on Gender
A/CONF.177/L.3 Consultas Oficiosas sobre el Proyecto de Plataforma
A/CONF.177/L.3 Consultations Officieuses sur le Project de Programme
A/CONF.177/L.3 Informal Consultations on Draft Platform