Fourth World Conference on Women

Action for Equality, Development and Peace
4-15 September 1995 - Beijing, China

Statements By NGOs

95-09-05: Statement by Committee for Asian Women, Ms. Shum Yun Shan (EN)
95-09-05: Statement by NGO Forum in Beijing, Ms. Supatra Masdit (EN)
95-09-05: Statement by Nat. Org. of Arab/American Women, Dr. A. Sabah (EN)
95-09-06: Statement by All India Women's Conference, Mrs. Shobhana Ranada (EN)
95-09-06: Statement by Family Life Counselling, Dr. Margaret Ogola (EN)
95-09-07: Statement by Accion Familiar, Sra. Rosario Gortazar (SP)
95-09-07: Statement by Int. Cooperative Alliance, Mrs. Raija Itkonen (EN)
95-09-07: Statement by Int. Right to Life Fed., Ms. Jeanne Head (EN)
95-09-07: Statement by Intl. Coalition on Women and Credit, Ms. Barry (EN)
95-09-07: Statement by Network for Women in Development Europe, Ms Helen O'Connell (EN)
95-09-07: Statement by Women's Intl. Democratic Federation, Mrs. Sylvie Jan (FR)
95-09-08: Statement by Centre for Int. Cooperation, Ms. Pauline Tangiora (EN)
95-09-08: Statement by Disabled Peoples Int., Ms. Maria Rantho (EN)
95-09-08: Statement by Int. Planned Parenthood Federation, Ms. Ingar Brueggemann (EN)
95-09-08: Statement by Inter-Parliamentary Union, Dr. Ahmed Fathy Sorour (EN)
95-09-08: Statement by National Council of Negro Women, Ms. Dorothy Height (EN)
95-09-11: Statement by Commission on Global Governance, Dr. Wangari Maathai (EN)

95-09-11: Statement by GROOTS, Ms. Nandini Azad (EN)

95-09-11: Statement by Intl. Fed. of Agricultural Producers, Ms. Randi Braathe (EN)
95-09-11: Statement by Women and Fisheries Network, Ms. Gracie Fong (EN)
95-09-11: Statement by Women's Inlt. League for Peace and Freedom, Ms. Edith Ballantine (EN)

95-09-12: Statement by Agence de Recherche d'Information..., Mrs. Fatima Alaoui (FR)

95-09-12: Statement by Droits des Femmes Maliennes, Ms. Fatoumata Sire Diakite (FR)

95-09-12: Statement by Somali Women's Trust, Ms. Shamis Hussein (EN)

95-09-12: Statement by South-Asian Assoc. for Regional Cooperation, Smt. Basavarajeswari (EN)

95-09-12: Statement by WEDO, Mrs. Bella Abzug (EN)

95-09-13: Statement by African Caucus of Femnet, Dr. Sara Longwe (EN)

95-09-13: Statement by Anglican Communion, Right Rev. Bishop James H. Ottley (EN)
95-09-13: Statement by Arab Organization for Human Rights, Ms. Amal Mahmoud Fayed (EN)

95-09-13: Statement by Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, Ms. Dada Janki (EN)

95-09-13: Statement by Centre for Women's Global Leadership, Ms. Alda Facio (EN)

95-09-13: Statement by Choisir, Ms. Gisele Halimi (EN)

95-09-13: Statement by Choisir, Ms. Gisele Halimi (FR)

95-09-13: Statement by Dawn, Dr. Vivienne Wee (EN)
95-09-13: Statement by Education Intl., Ms. Sheene Hanley (EN)

95-09-13: Statement by Fed. Europeenne des Femmes Actif au Foyer, Mme. Brigitte de Gouis (FR)

95-09-13: Statement by Global Network Women and Politics, Ms. Remedios Rikken (EN)
95-09-13: Statement by Interaction, Ms. Kari Hammerschlag (EN)

95-09-13: Statement by Intl Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Comm., Ms. Palesa B. Ditsie (EN)

95-09-13: Statement by Intl. Fed. of University Women, Dr. Elizabeth Poskitt (EN)

95-09-13: Statement by Intl. Human Rights Law Group, Ms. Hina Jilani (EN)
95-09-13: Statement by Jewish Organizations, Dr. Harris Schoenberg (EN)
95-09-13: Statement by Latin American and Caribbean NGO Forum, Ms. Virginia Vargas (EN)
95-09-13: Statement by Latin American and Caribbean NGO Forum, Ms. Virginia Vargas (SP)

95-09-13: Statement by Mujeres Indigenas (SP)
95-09-13: Statement by Network of African Rural Women's Associations, Chief Bisi Ogunleye (EN)
95-09-13: Statement by Older Women's Network, Ms. Betty Johnson (EN)
95-09-13: Statement by Woeld Assoc. of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, Ms. Carolyn Watt (EN)
95-09-13: Statement by World Federation of Trade Unions, Mrs. Bulu Rox Chowdhury (EN)
95-09-13: Statement by World Federation of UN Associations, Mrs. Hilkka Pietila (EN)
95-09-15: Statement by Youth NGOs accredited to the Conference, Ms. Sara Ramamonjisoa (EN)