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UN Special Envoy calls for a focus on food at next climate talks to limit global heating and prevent future famines

Speaking at COP26 in Glasgow, Dr. Agnes Kalibata warned that millions could suffer food insecurity if climate negotiations did not address links with food and agriculture.

Drought in Madagascar

Madagascar could be experiencing world’s first ‘climate-induced famine,’ as farmers across Africa try to adapt

Hear how farmers across Africa are trying to adapt to a changing climate with Special Envoy Agnes Kalibata.

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Indigenous Peoples are the best stewards of our environment

Commitments to support a hub for indigenous knowledge would provide a resource to help countries identify ways to conserve agricultural biodiversity and develop sustainable food production practices.

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The latest update on the UN Food Systems Summit Dialogues

The Synthesis Reports for Global, Independent, and Member State Summit Dialogues are now available on the Food Systems Summit Dialogues Gateway. These reports analyse the outcomes provided in the Official Feedback Forms of over 850 Dialogues in which over 100,000 people from around the world participated.

Food systems must be on the table at COP26

Special Envoy Dr. Agnes Kalibata emphasises how food systems must continue to play a defining role in next month's COP26 climate talks, which is unlikely to achieve its aims without more sustainable, inclusive and resilient food systems.

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Farm to Table Talk

Director of the SDG 2 Advocacy Hub and Food Systems Champion, Paul Newnham discusses the public engagement campaign Good Food For All and the Summit and how more than 150 countries made commitments to transform their food systems.

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The Brian Lehrer Show: Inside the UN's first Food Systems Summit

In this episode of The Brian Lehrer Show, UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy to the 2021 Food Systems Summit, Dr. Agnes Kalibata, talks about the aim of the Food Systems Summit and the tangible successes she sees coming from this historic event.

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The Summit from a youth perspective

Agriculture Extension Specialist Janya Green highlights the inclusive process youth like her played in the Summit, and the importance of the work needed at the local and country levels for sustainable food systems.

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How transforming food systems could unlock a $12 trillion global windfall

Special Envoy Agnes Kalibata writes on how transforming entire food systems around the world offers the solution to the $12 trillion challenge many have not yet realised we are facing.

The UN Food Systems Summit live stage on 23 September 2021

Nearly 300 commitments highlights Summit’s inclusive process to accelerate action

Civil society, farmers, youth, Indigenous Peoples, Member States and countless others joined the historic UN Food Systems Summit on September 23. Over 51,000 people tuned in from 193 countries, all ready to tackle global hunger, climate change and biodiversity loss for true food systems transformation.

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2021 Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit and UN Food Systems Summit

The UN Food Systems Summit and the Tokyo Nutrition for Growth (N4G) Summit are working collaboratively to advance solutions across systems with a mutual recognition that malnutrition in all its forms is one of the biggest challenges we face to ensuring optimal health, resilience, and prosperity for all.

Why do we need sustainable food systems?

UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy Dr. Agnes Kalibata and Mark Fischetti of Scientific American discuss the need for strong food systems to end chronic hunger and malnutrition as well as ways to ensure healthier diets without destroying our planet and its resources.

Food’s a human right, not just ‘a commodity to be traded’: Guterres

Every day, hundreds of millions of people go to bed hungry. Three billion people cannot afford a healthy diet. Two billion are overweight or obese and yet 462 million, are underweight. Nearly a third of all food that is produced, is lost or wasted.

Special Envoy Agnes Kalitaba

The Food Systems Summit- A New Deal for People, Planet and Prosperity

Statement by Dr. Agnes Kalibata, UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy to the 2021 Food Systems Summit

Follow the Food: The fight to improve food security

In this episode of BBC’s Follow the Food, The fight to improve food security, Botanist James Wong explores the problems in our modern food system, and speaks with UN Special Envoy Dr. Agnes Kalibata and UNFSS Action Track leader Michelle Nunn on the importance of striving to end food insecurity and global hunger.