In this opinion piece for The National News, writer and UN Food Systems Summit Special Envoy, Dr. Agnes Kalibata, discusses how food systems must continue to play a defining role in next month's COP26 climate talks, which is unlikely to achieve its aims without more sustainable, inclusive and resilient food systems.


We have learnt that people around the world are ready for this and are willing to mobilise. To this end, we have together set off on the right track with great momentum. A better future for this generation, the next and those to come is within reach if the world seizes the opportunity and transforms food systems for the better. The summit was just the appetiser.” – UNFSS Special Envoy, Agnes Kalibata


The UN Food Systems Summit mobilized thousands of stakeholders globally, and commitments were made by member states, Indigenous Peoples, youth, civil society, and other constituencies. Now it is up to countries to deliver tangible progress on the pledges they have made. We know from the Summit that people are ready to play their part.


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