26 - 28 JULY 2021 | ROME

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Rohingya refugees

Summit Dialogue on youth refugees highlights the importance of food security in ensuring better livelihoods for refugees

Youth in refugee situations from around the world came together to discuss their views, perspectives, and ideas on how the UN Food Systems Summit activities and efforts to transform food systems can be leveraged for greater food security, better nutrition, and more viable livelihoods for refugees.

One humanity on one planet: How the G7 can safeguard a resilient future

The Summit's Action Track 5 leaders, Sandrine Dixson-Decléve and Saleemul Huq, write on the importance of building resilience when facing world hunger, poverty, climate change and biodiversity loss, and how the G7 must find the political leadership and courage to protect the next generation.

Global Summit Dialogue on food from the ocean, rivers and lakes focuses on the vital role aquatic foods play in food systems

Participants from around the world came together at the May 28 Global Summit Dialogue: Food from the Ocean, Rivers, and Lakes - Essential for Food Systems, to discuss their views, perspectives, and ideas on how aquatic foods play a vital role in food systems.


Empowering cities and local governments to improve food systems globally

Given the rates of urbanisation and the high prevalence of different forms of malnutrition in urban areas, it is critical to mainstream the role of urban food systems in the UN Food Systems Summit alongside national governments. This Global Summit Dialogue aims to bring political attention and promote significant actions and commitments towards sustainable urban food systems transformation, exchanging perspectives of local governments representatives and various urban food systems stakeholders. Watch the opening session from 14:30 CEST here.

Gender Public Forum

Women have a key role to play in the Summit process and their voices and leadership are critical. The Gender Public Forum will provide an update on the latest Summit progress and the proposals to make food systems more gender equitable, seek inputs from participants by identifying existing gaps and recommendations on emerging gender solution areas, and mobilize broader participation across the globe to implement gender and food systems proposals. Join us from 14:30 CEST.

Summit Science Days

Recognizing the pivotal role of science, technology and innovation for food systems transformation, the Science Days, organized by the Scientific Group of the UN Food Systems Summit and facilitated and hosted by FAO, offer an important opportunity to support the agenda setting process with scientific evidence and perspectives.

More from the Summit

Action Areas for Food Systems Transformation

Introducing Action Areas

Over 2000 ideas were received by the Summit's Action Tracks and have now been consolidated into 15 Action Areas. Such areas could be the starting point of coalitions of action to help governments and multi-stakeholders adopt transformational pathways and associated policy and behavioural shifts towards more sustainable food systems. From May to June you are invited to provide feedback here.

Good Food For All banner

Good Food For All 

Good food keeps us healthy. It helps us reach our potential. It strengthens our communities, powers our economies, and protects our planet. But not everyone gets good food every day, and this has to change. The Summit is bringing together everyone – farmers, Indigenous Peoples, young people and citizens from across the globe – to carve a path to a world where good food for all is a reality. Join us and take your first action...

podcast Laying Down Tracks

Podcast: Laying Down Tracks

We are laying down tracks to head into a new world where our food systems mean prosperity for people and the planet. The Summit and Sourcing Matters have launched a thought-provoking podcast, featuring experts on issues related to world hunger, malnutrition, climate change, and much more. Focused on the real experiences of rolling out the UN SDGs, each episode will bring forward solutions through motivating discussions.

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