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The success of the Food Systems Summit depends on the engagement of citizens all over the world. You can convene a Dialogue and contribute directly to the Summit’s ambitious vision and objectives.

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The Community platform is open to everyone with an interest in contributing to transforming food systems. Gather with like-minded people to lend your ideas to the discussion. Follow the Action Tracks and much more!

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Why home-grown school feeding is a global game changer for children and food systems

Before the pandemic, school feeding was the most extensive social safety net globally, with one in every two schoolchildren receiving school meals every day from national programmes. In April 2020, 50 million children lost access to school meals due to school closures. The stakes couldn’t be higher as many children, especially girls, risk never returning to the classroom. The ensuing crisis has highlighted the need to reshape food systems to build back more resilient and inclusive, environmentally sustainable, and economically vibrant communities. School feeding can be part of this process.

Civil Society Public Forum discusses emerging ideas and progress

This live online forum saw representatives from the Action Tracks and Summit Dialogues share progress, ideas to date and next steps. The discussion provided an opportunity to touch on emerging recommendations and ideas of building coalitions, identify gaps, and other areas of concern. Watch the Forum >>

Global food systems can only be truly transformed with a people’s summit

In this opinion piece for Devex, UN Special Envoy Agnes Kalibata discusses how food systems can be transformed by sharing platforms, ideas, and learnings on a global level.


Launch of the 2021 Global Food Policy Report: Transforming Food Systems After COVID-19

In the 2021 Global Food Policy Report, IFPRI researchers and experts explore the impacts of the pandemic and government policy responses to date, particularly for the poor and disadvantaged, and consider what it all means for transforming our food systems to be healthy, resilient, efficient, sustainable, and inclusive. At this launch event, speakers will share evidence on the impact of COVID-19, and discuss the way forward for food systems transformation. Join UNFSS at this event from 09:30 EDT.

World Food Summit 2021

The 2021 World Food Summit - Better Food for More People, will focus on how to establish pathways for game-changing innovations necessary for sustainable food system transformations. This Summit is a platform for key policymakers, academia, business and civil society leaders to contribute to the success of the forthcoming UN Food Systems Summit by providing input and showcasing examples that can lead to game-changing pathways.

Action Track 2 Third Public Forum

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! By taking part in the third Action Track 2 Public Forum you will have the opportunity to hear how three work streams are advancing their work on Food Environments, Food Demand, and Food Waste. You can then contribute to the Forum by sharing your ideas and feedback on the Action Track's emerging game-changing propositions to transform our food systems; and whether you see major gaps, and other areas and opportunities to be considered. Join us from 15:00 CEST. Languages: EN, FR, ES.

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