Good food is everything

The future of the world depends on good food. It’s that simple.

Good food keeps us healthy. It helps us reach our potential. It strengthens our communities, powers our economies, and protects our planet.

But not everyone gets good food every day – and the way we produce and market food is harming our environment. This has to change.

Now is our time to act

That’s why the UN Secretary-General has called for the historic, first ever Food Systems Summit this year.

We’re bringing together everyone – farmers, Indigenous Peoples, young people and citizens from across the globe – to carve a path to a world where good food for all is a reality.

We need a world where good food is affordable and accessible – where governments and businesses work together to provide it – and where farmers in every country grow food in a way that protects the planet.

Everyone everywhere will need to come together and drive bold actions to make the changes our world so desperately needs. So join us, and take your first action...

"We must lean into our hopes and work together in ambitious ways to put the world on a better path."

AGNES KALIBATA, UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy to the Food Systems Summit


Here's what you can do today:

Join us in inspiring action

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What does good food mean to you? Perhaps it’s special moments with the ones you love, a treasured childhood memory, or a traditional recipe handed down for generations. Tell us today by recording and sharing a video.

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We need people like you to become a Food Systems Hero and commit to learning, sharing, gathering and acting for food systems transformation. Ahead of the Summit, we'll send you ways to get your community involved in the global movement for safe, sustainable and equitable food systems.

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