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The Food Systems Summit is for everyone, and its success relies on people everywhere getting involved and sharing their views. The Summit's leadership and Action Tracks are working hard to bring forward a series of concrete actions that people can take to support a transformation of the world's food systems, so always check back here to find new ways to contribute.

Here is a list of ways that you can support the Summit process now and join the movement towards safe, equitable and sustainable food systems around the world:

  1. Join Sustainable Sundays
  2. Host a Watch and Do Party
  3. Help us countdown to the Summit
  4. Join the Summit Community
  5. Host a Summit Dialogue
  6. Become a Food Systems Hero

World Food Day - What is your star ingredient?

Beans. An everyday ingredient – but they have an extraordinary power.

That’s because they’re an example of good food. They’re accessible to people worldwide, they’re nutritious, and they’re full of potential – they bring people together, and they fuel our futures.

Our new film for World Food Day tells that story. Beans are just one of the world’s star ⭐️ ingredients – what are yours? Celebrate #WorldFoodDay and #GoodFood4All by telling us on social media.

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Sustainable Sundays - Good Food For All

Following the first-ever UN Food Systems Summit, how will you continue to act for better food systems? Join #SustainableSundays by gathering with your friends and family for a healthy climate-friendly meal each week. From visiting your local farmers to trying out new delicious recipes, find inspiration in this Step- By-Step Guide.

Be sure to use #GoodFood4All and tag on Twitter @FoodSystems, Facebook @UNFoodSystems, Instagram @UNFoodSystems, and @Upworthy.

Help us spread the word to others with the campaign's social media materials here.

Step-by-step guide


Sustainable Sundays
Good Food For All - Watch and Do Party

Host a Watch and Do Party!

Bring your community together and host a Good Food For All – Watch and Do Party during the UN Food Systems Summit on 23 September 2021.

How? Create an online meeting using your favourite platform and stream the morning’s People’s Plenary or another Summit session throughout the day. You can also share your thoughts and reactions through the Summit's virtual platform chat tool. Camera shy? No problem! Organise a group chat to share live commentary and reactions with your networks instead. Stay tuned for programme updates here and get your invitations out!

Promote your party online and grow your guest list, then on September 23 share your party photos and join the conversation on social media with the hashtags #GoodFood4All + #UNFSS2021.

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#FoodSystems4SDGs countdown to the Summit

With the UN Food Systems Summit fast approaching on September 23 we’re kicking off a #FoodSystems4SDGs countdown – 17 days to highlight how transforming our food systems can help the world achieve critical progress on all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)! 

The myriad ways in which we produce, process, and consume food—our food systems—touch every aspect of human existence. Running from September 6 - 22, the countdown campaign will unpack one SDG per day to highlight the relationship between better food systems and making progress across all of the SDGs to build a resilient world where no one is hungry, no one is poor, and no one is left behind. And we want your help to spread this important message on social media. 

Join the #FoodSystems4SDGs conversation, champion an SDG, and be a #FoodSystemsHero with our social media toolkit!

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Food Systems for SDGs countdown
Cover image of Summit Community stakeholders

Join the Summit Community

The Summit Community is a highly collaborative space to guide the science, solutions, concepts and outcomes of the Summit. The platform is open to anyone with an interest in food systems at all levels, and will be a key entry point for stakeholder engagement on defining the solutions.

YOU can join the community and contribute:

1. Sign up to join discussions across all communities.

2. Join a community group, respond to ongoing discussions, or start one!

3. Connect with members, and grow your network and community.

4. Share links, videos, photos and tell your story in any of the communities.

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Host a Summit Dialogue

Food Systems Summit Dialogues offer a powerful opportunity for people everywhere to have a seat at the table at this milestone UN Summit. Dialogues bring together a diversity of stakeholders, and provide an important opportunity for participants to debate, collaborate, and take action towards a better future for food systems.

We invite YOU to consider organizing or participating in one of the three types of Dialogues that will take place before and during the Summit.

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Food Systems Hero rooster mascot

Become a Food Systems Hero

Climate, nature, nutrition and health are important to us all. By transforming food systems, we can address critical challenges and unlock opportunities to realize a healthier, more sustainable and more equitable world. If you support this vision, we invite you to become a Food Systems Hero!

To sign up, complete this short online form to let us know that you have agreed to the Vision and Principles of Engagement of the Summit and are willing to do the following:

Learn: explore our resources for information on what is happening to transform food systems.

Share: engage with and amplify content and posts from the Summit social media channels on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Gather: host an Independent Summit Dialogue with your network before the pre-summit in mid-year 2021.

Act: take action on food systems as priorities and recommendations emerge from the Summit.

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We’ve developed a social media toolkit to help spread the word about the Summit and encourage all citizens to lend their voice to this process.

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