Man receiving food distribution in the covid-19 pandemic.

United Nations warns 10 per cent of world undernourished

A new report released by the United Nations warns that there has been a dramatic worsening during the COVID-19 pandemic of the hunger crisis facing the planet.

Women are the nucleus of our global food system

As the world’s attention falls on redesigning food systems to deliver safe and healthy food, livelihoods, and environments for all, it is equally important to ensure that the human rights of half of its producers and consumers – women – are not left behind.

Dock of shipping containers

Global Summit Dialogue highlights the critical role international trade has on climate and food security

People from around the world came together at the July 6 Global Summit Dialogue: Trade, an essential piece of the food systems puzzle, to bring attention to the critical role international trade plays in food security and its impact on climate change.

Join the Youth Online Consultation for a better food system

From 29 June to 20 July, the UN Food Systems Summit and the World Food Forum, together with youth champions, are launching an online global consultation to provide youth groups and young leaders the chance to complement, enhance and suggest actions to transform our food systems and create a world with good food for all. 

What We Owe Farmers

Farmers across the world are being told to unlearn everything so that they can embark on an economically painful transition to climate-friendly agriculture. This shift is necessary. But it won’t happen until farming becomes a dignified profession where all farmers are compensated for the true value for their production.

Gender Public Forum highlights the critical role women play in the Summit process

Participants came together at the June 30 Gender Public Forum to discuss and exchange ideas on the importance of women’s voices and leadership within the UN Food Systems Summit process.

Potential solutions for local, regional and global action to deliver SDGs by transforming food systems

The UN Food Systems Summit has revealed the 15 action areas with more than 50 solution clusters that will serve as a key element to underpin discussions in the Pre-Summit gathering from July 26-28.

Global Summit Dialogue highlights critical role and contribution of cities and local governments in transforming food systems

People from around the world came together at the June 28 Global Summit Dialogue: Empowering Cities and Local Governments to Improve Food Systems Globally, to bring attention to the critical roles and contributions of the cities and local governments in transforming food systems

Image of polluted waterways

Global Summit Dialogue on nature positive food systems highlights food systems impact on the environment

The Global Summit Dialogue: Nature positive food systems for a healthy planet and healthy people, provided a platform for participants to share their views, perspectives, and ideas on how the world’s food systems need to be transformed for people and for the environment.

Fish swimming in the ocean in Florida, United States

Global Summit Dialogue on food from the ocean, rivers and lakes focuses on the vital role aquatic foods play in food systems

Participants from around the world came together at the May 28 Global Summit Dialogue: Food from the Ocean, Rivers, and Lakes - Essential for Food Systems, to discuss their views, perspectives, and ideas on how aquatic foods play a vital role in food systems.

Farm in Pennsylvania,, United States

One humanity on one planet: How the G7 can safeguard a resilient future

The Summit's Action Track 5 leaders, Sandrine Dixson-Decléve and Saleemul Huq, write on the importance of building resilience when facing world hunger, poverty, climate change and biodiversity loss, and how the G7 must find the political leadership and courage to protect the next generation.

Rohingya refugees

Summit Dialogue on youth refugees highlights the importance of food security in ensuring better livelihoods for refugees

Youth in refugee situations from around the world came together to discuss their views, perspectives, and ideas on how the UN Food Systems Summit activities and efforts to transform food systems can be leveraged for greater food security, better nutrition, and more viable livelihoods for refugees.

Mother and child eating lunch together

Why are WWF and GAIN teaming up on food?

The Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Global Alliance for Nutrition (GAIN) have just signed up to a new partnership. Both organisations are leading workstreams in the preparations of the UN Food Systems Summit.

Man in crop field

Transforming food systems is within reach

In this thought piece published by nature food, UN Special Envoy, Dr. Agnes Kalibata speaks on the enormous shift that can happen very quickly when science and policy work hand-in-glove.

Five changes of mindset for a true food system transformation

In this opinion piece for the New Europe, Gerda Verburg, the Coordinator of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement and a member of the Advisory Committee for the UN Food Systems Summit, writes on five mindset changes needed for a true food systems transformation.