UN Palestine Commission – Outstanding points – Letter from United Kingdom

1 March 1948


Communication received from United States Delegation

 Concerning Certain Points which are at Present Outstanding

The following communication, concerning outstanding matters on which the views of the Commission are desired by the Mandatory Power, has been received from Mr. Fletcher-Cooke of the United Kingdom Delegation.






Empire State Building

New York 1, N.Y.


1st March 1948

My dear Ralph,

I find on looking through my files that there are a number of outstanding points in respect of which I am waiting for an expression of the Commission’s views for communication to the Government of Palestine.

The following is a list of these outstanding points:-

(a) Does the Commission agree both to the short-term and long-term proposals of the Government of Palestine for the future of the Palestine Museum in Jerusalem and does the Commission wish any approach to be made to Mr. L.E. Iliffe, the present Keeper of the Museum (my letter of letter of 1st March and previous correspondence refers).

(b) Does the Commission agree in principle to the introduction of the “Urban Property Tax (Temporary Provisions) Bill” (my letter of 26th February and. previous correspondence refers).

(c) Does the Commission agreed to the proposal that a sum of £P30,000 should be made available from Palestine funds to the International Red Cross Committee to cover six months’ expenditure from 1st April 1948 and does the Commission propose to give its full support and co-operation to the delegates of the International Red Cross Committee in respect of their work in Palestine after 15th May 1948 (my letter of 18th February and previous correspondence refers).

(d) Has the Commission communicated with the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union as regards any restrictions which the Commission may find it necessary to impose in Palestine after 15th May 1948 (my letter of 13th February and previous correspondence refers).

(e) Have the Commission any comments to make on the Municipal Corporations (Amendment) Bill (my letter of 9th February and previous correspondence refers).

I should be most grateful if you could let me have the Commission views on theft points as soon as possible.

Yours ever,


(J. Fletcher-Cooke),

Dr. Ralph J. Bunche,

Principal Secretary to the United Nations

Palestine Commission,

United Nations,

Lake Success.

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