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In keeping with its General Assembly mandate, the Committee’s programme of work has been gradually expanded over the years. The Assembly also established a supporting unit in the United Nations Secretariat in 1978 (later re-designated as the Division for Palestinian Rights). The Committee’s programme of work includes the convening of international meetings and conferences, including meetings with civil society, in all regions of the world, with the participation, inter alia, of political personalities, representatives of Governments and intergovernmental organizations, United Nations officials, parliamentarians, academics and representatives of the media. Ongoing cooperation was established with a wide network of civil society organizations (CSOs) working on the various aspects of the question of Palestine. The Committee is also maintaining a programme of publications covering United Nations activities with regard to the question of Palestine and related issues, as well as an annual training programme for staff of the Palestinian Authority. To commemorate the 1947 resolution of the General Assembly partitioning Palestine, 29 November was designated as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, in observance of which the Committee holds annual special meetings and other events at United Nations Headquarters, with similar activities taking place at the United Nations Offices at Geneva and Vienna, under the Committee’s sponsorship.

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