(NOTE: The following material is quoted from the PALESTINE PRESS REVIEW, issued daily by the Public Information Office of the Palestine Government for official use)

1. Editorial in ASH-SHA’B, 14 January 1948:

“The UN five member Commission is meeting to study and discuss the horrible and bloody news about the country – of whose destruction they are in charge… If it is destined that this Commission reach Palestine who knows what circumstances are waiting for it…? The Arabs boycotted UNSCOP but they will not be satisfied with boycotting this Commission that is coming to dismember the country and scatter its people…”

2. Editorial in FALASTIN 18 January 1948:

“The allegation of neutrality does not justify the presence of the British in this country for a single day… what we refuse to accept is the continuation of British rule and British administration for long years for the purpose of depriving the Arabs of the means of defense and of enabling the Jews and UNO to impose a solution on the Arabs and on their homeland mainly by means of British power and subsequently by means of the forces of the Security Council… The Palestine Arabs have sworn to safeguard their country till the end and at any cost…”

3. Editorial in AD-DIFA’A, 20 January 1948:

“… Do the Arabs countries realize the seriousness and importance of the position? Will they hasten to support the Palestine Arabs directly and practically? …One is afraid that the opponents’ strides towards preparedness for the decisive hour are wider than ours. He has failed to gain the upper hand in any direction or aspect – not because he is unprepared, but in view of the remarkable attributes of the Palestine Arabs… Still, these unique characteristics are not sufficient to fill the vacuum… It is high time for action and for every Arab Government to perform its duty…”

4. Editorial in AD-DIFA’A, 21 January 1948:

“The British Government shows great anxiety for the preservation of peace in the Middle East… The Government which cares to this extent for the peace of the Middle East harms the Arab States and people by harming Palestine… Britain is greatly mistaken if she thinks that it is possible to maintain friendship with the Arabs while Palestine is amidst fears”.

5. Editorial in AD-DIFA’A, 3 February 1948:

“Britain was until recently in the front line of the states that wish success and victory to UNO and the Security Council. It is only lately that she conceived that this wish will not be easily realized. Pursuing a realistic policy she started looking for new undertakings and guarantees to strengthen her position and repel the dangers of rival states,

“This explains the series of measures taken by the British Foreign Secretary, including the defense treaties with the Arab Governments.

“Then came the shock of Iraq – we do not presume, however, that Mr. Bevin will give up his program easily. (But) we inquire as to how one can try to realise this program and at the same time throw the Palestine case into the currents of the anti-Arab UNO…”

6. Editorial in AD-DIFA’A, 4 February 1948:

“… The Partition Commission is nowadays talking in the name of the Jews instead of talking on behalf of UNO, which chose and appointed its members.

“The Jews asked it to protest against the so-called ‘Arab infiltration into Palestine’ which it did with the utmost speed… The Jews asked it to launch a protest for… an international army to maintain peace in Palestine and execute partition – which it did. The Jews asked it to launch a protest against the attitude of the British Government in Palestine – which it did.

“The Commission deteriorated to such an extent that it reached the same level as the spokesman of the Jewish Agency… It is no longer a sub-committee of UNO, it has become a Jewish institution that receives orders from the Jews, talks on their behalf, protests and levels criticisms for their sake…”

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Subject: Governance, Palestine question, Security issues, Statehood-related
Publication Date: 20/02/1948