Libyan Arab Jamahiriya: draft resolution 



   The one-State solution 


 The General Assembly

 Guided by the Charter of the United Nations, 

 Reaffirming the principle of the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by force, 

 Reaffirming also the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, including their right to return to their homeland and to self-determination, 

 Noting that the migration of Jews to Palestine, their establishment of a Jewish entity by force and the policies pursued thereafter by this entity led to the displacement of millions of Palestinian people, the expropriation of their land and property and the obstruction of their return, depriving them of their fundamental rights and causing an unprecedented tragedy, 

 Taking into account all previous initiatives and resolutions aimed at achieving a lasting and comprehensive solution to the conflict on the land of Palestine, including General Assembly resolutions 181 (II) of 29 November 1947 and 194 (III) of 11 December 1948, 

 Noting the failure of all initiatives in establishing a just and lasting peace between the Jews and the Palestinians, the continuous sharp deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, the escalation of violence and violations of human rights, 

 Recognizing that such an acute deterioration of the situation poses a threat to peace in the Middle East region and in the world as a whole, 

 Recalling that the conflict in Palestine has dragged the Middle East region into several wars and continuously posed a threat to international peace and security, 

 Noting the persistent violation of the human rights of the Palestinian people, the continuing expropriation of more Palestinian lands and the expulsion of their inhabitants and the construction of Jewish settlements on such lands, 

 Driven by the desire to put an end to the plight of the Palestinian people, restore their rights and end the injustices that have befallen them, administer justice and save the region from further tribulation, 

 Aware that the current geographical, demographic and political conditions are not conducive to the establishment of two viable States in the region, owing to the interconnection of the populace, culture and faith throughout the land of Palestine and the continued decimation and fragmentation of the territory controlled by the Palestinians, 

 Recalling that the Jews have lived among the Arabs and the Muslims in peace and harmony over the centuries in different countries, 

 Noting the cultural and historical ties between the Jewish and Palestinian peoples, 

 Convinced of the need for an objective alternative to the two-State solution that ensures the establishment of a just, comprehensive and lasting peace in the region, 

 1.  Confirms its commitment to attaining a just, lasting and comprehensive solution to the conflict in Palestine; 

 2.  Emphasizes the right of all inhabitants who were born in, or whose fathers or ancestors were born in, the historical territory of Palestine to live in the territory and recover their property and to enjoy their human rights as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1 the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 2 and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights,2 regardless of their religion or ethnic origin; 

 3.  Affirms the right of all refugees and displaced persons, as a result of the fighting which erupted in 1948 and 1967 and subsequent hostilities, to return to their homes and previous abodes; 

 4.  Also affirms that the time is ripe to find a peaceful, just, lasting and comprehensive solution to the conflict between the Palestinian and Jewish peoples that safeguards the legitimate rights of the two sides; 

 5.  Decides that there is no viable option other than the establishment of a single democratic, multiracial and multicultural State for both the Jews and the Palestinians, based on equal rights and equal obligations, which shall be disarmed and shall live in peace with its neighbours, and calls on the two parties to start, without delay and with support from the international community, negotiations for the realization of such a State; 

 6.  Invites all Member States and United Nations organs, including the Security Council, to provide support for the establishment of a single State for both the Jews and the Palestinians which upholds the right of return for all refugees and displaced persons and embraces the values of democracy, justice and human rights; 

 7.  Requests the Secretary-General to follow up on the implementation of the present resolution and to submit to the General Assembly, at its sixty-sixth session a report in that regard; 

 8.  Decides to remain seized of the matter. 


1Resolution 217 A (III).

2See resolution 2200 A (XXI), annex.