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Meetings & Events

Bangladesh, Lao PDR and Nepal recommended for graduation from the list of LDCs

UN General Assembly grants Angola three-year extension before graduating from the LDC category

The 23rd Session of the CDP Plenary was held from 22-26 Feb 2021.

Three CDP members will serve at ECOSOC's High-level Advisory Board aimed to reinvigorate multilateralism

EGM on the 2021 Triennial Review of the LDC Category

Vanuatu achieves milestone: graduation from the LDC category

The CDP mourns the passing of its member Stephan Klasen

Ocampo and Mazzucato at ECLAC Period of sessions

Towards LDC-5: Options for improving the mobilisation of global finance, its alignment with, and its impact on the recovery and sustainable development of LDCs.

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