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Meetings & Events

UN GA adopts resolution to graduate these three countries from the LDC category on 24 November 2026, granting them an extended five year preparatory period

Davos-style dialogue on the theme of the Conference "The Next Decade of Action: Accelerating ISID in LDCs"

Dialogue with members of the UN CDP, UN DESA and UNIDO on post-pandemic opportunities and challenges in industrial policy on 17 November 2021

This new edition contains updates to LDC criteria and procedures and new information on “smooth transition” provisions for countries graduating from the LDC category.

On 10 November, the CDP provided updates on its recent work and launch the LDC Handbook

Fellowship established in the honor of Stephan Klasen, CDP member and leader of the CDP subgroup on LDCs

Why are productive capacities important for the development process in vulnerable economies?

Ahead of LDC 5, the LDC Future Forum brings together the academic community, policymakers and practitioners to gather new thinking on the challenges and possibilities for LDCs in the coming decade. 

CDP member Mariana Mazzucato gave the keynote address at the opening of the General Assembly’s Second Committee. The way we “do capitalism”, she said, has to be much more goal-oriented and the SDGs need to be put at the center of policy.

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