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Report on the different aspects of LDC graduation and the textile and clothing sector in Asian graduating LDCs

The Handbook on the Least Developed Country Category contains comprehensive and authoritative information on criteria defining the category, graduation procedures, and international support measures for LDCs. This new edition contains updates to LDC cr ...

Smooth Transition Strategy (STS) guidance note provides a set of guideline to help graduating and graduated LDCs to write up their STS.

The fourth annual review of the VNRs by the CDP providing a systematic content analysis of the VNRs presented to the 2021 HLPF.

This paper provides conceptual inputs on a potential bi-modal monitoring framework for the LDC category

The 2021 Country Snapshots compiles the key statistical data used by the Committee for Development Policy (CDP) at the 2021 triennial review of the least developed country category. LDCs are defined as low-income countries suffering from structural imp ...

While least developed countries have up to now successful to limit direct health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the socio-economic fallout has been extremely hard.

This policy brief synthesizes recent research, showing that Bangladesh’s vital pharmaceutical industry would be threatened if the country had to adhere fully to WTO rules upon graduation from LDC status.

COVID-19’s ruthless sweep across the world demands a bold multilateral response. There are immense inequalities in the capacities of governments to respond both to the health emergency and to the social and economic fallout.

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