CDP Theme: Productive Capacity

Productive Capacity

Report on the outcome of the 24th session of the CDP Plenary

Prof. Ocampo stressed that productive capacity is at the center for achieving sustainable development as countries recover from COVID-19

Why are productive capacities important for the development process in vulnerable economies?

Secretary of the Committee for Development Policy (CDP) participated in the Workshop for the WTO LDC Subgroup on LDC graduation, which addressed potential trade-related impacts of the future graduation of Cambodia, Comoros, Djibouti, Senegal and Zambia, countries that have recently started on the path towards graduation. 

Recovery from COVID-19 requires reframing the development paradigm towards equality, resilience, environmental sustainability

Why is productive capacity essential for least developed countries (LDCs)?

At ECOSOC's DCF Prof. Ocampo stressed the importance of cooperation, debt relief to help LDCs COVID recovery

Report on the outcome of the 23rd session of the CDP Plenary

2021 CDP report, ECOSOC resolutions, GA resolutions

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