CDP Theme: LDCs


Why are productive capacities important for the development process in vulnerable economies?

Ahead of LDC 5, the LDC Future Forum brings together the academic community, policymakers and practitioners to gather new thinking on the challenges and possibilities for LDCs in the coming decade. 

Secretary of the Committee for Development Policy (CDP) participated in the Workshop for the WTO LDC Subgroup on LDC graduation, which addressed potential trade-related impacts of the future graduation of Cambodia, Comoros, Djibouti, Senegal and Zambia, countries that have recently started on the path towards graduation. 

The general preliminary conclusion is that the impacts on development cooperation will be relatively small, as most development partners do not rely on whether or not a country is an LDC as a primary determinant of their assistance.

Smooth Transition Strategy (STS) guidance note provides a set of guideline to help graduating and graduated LDCs to write up their STS.

The CDP session on “Supporting sustainable graduation: making graduation irreversible and a steppingstone to achieve the SDGs” will take place on 31 August (11:15 - 13:15 Geneva time)

Recovery from COVID-19 requires reframing the development paradigm towards equality, resilience, environmental sustainability

ECOSOC endorses the CDP recommendation to graduate Bangladesh, Lao PDR and Nepal from the list of LDCs

Prof. Fukuda-Parr introduced the various sections of the report and the related recommendations

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