CDP Theme: LDCs


The CDP session on “Supporting sustainable graduation: making graduation irreversible and a steppingstone to achieve the SDGs” will take place on 31 August (11:15 - 13:15 Geneva time)

Recovery from COVID-19 requires reframing the development paradigm towards equality, resilience, environmental sustainability

ECOSOC endorses the CDP recommendation to graduate Bangladesh, Lao PDR and Nepal from the list of LDCs

Prof. Fukuda-Parr introduced the various sections of the report and the related recommendations

Recovery from COVID-19 needs to reframe the development paradigm towards equality, resilience and environmental sustainability

Improving support to graduating LDCs to ensure a smooth transition of utmost importance

This paper provides conceptual inputs on a potential bi-modal monitoring framework for the LDC category

Why is productive capacity essential for least developed countries (LDCs)?

How can the international community support graduating and graduated LDCs?

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