CDP Theme: Financing For Development

Financing For Development

Report on the outcome of the 24th session of the CDP Plenary

Advanced unedited version of the 2022 CDP Report

Blog by CDP Chair Jose Antonio Ocampo on how LDC5 could affect LDC graduation in the future

Climate change is above all an equity issue

The general preliminary conclusion is that the impacts on development cooperation will be relatively small, as most development partners do not rely on whether or not a country is an LDC as a primary determinant of their assistance.

The CDP session on “Supporting sustainable graduation: making graduation irreversible and a steppingstone to achieve the SDGs” will take place on 31 August (11:15 - 13:15 Geneva time)

Recovery from COVID-19 needs to reframe the development paradigm towards equality, resilience and environmental sustainability

Improving support to graduating LDCs to ensure a smooth transition of utmost importance

At ECOSOC's DCF Prof. Ocampo stressed the importance of cooperation, debt relief to help LDCs COVID recovery

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