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Meetings & Events

Recovery from COVID-19 requires reframing the development paradigm towards equality, resilience, environmental sustainability

New Economic School will host an international round table with speakers from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Sweden and Ukraine

ECOSOC endorses the CDP recommendation to graduate Bangladesh, Lao PDR and Nepal from the list of LDCs

Prof. Fukuda-Parr introduced the various sections of the report and the related recommendations

Recovery from COVID-19 needs to reframe the development paradigm towards equality, resilience and environmental sustainability

Improving support to graduating LDCs to ensure a smooth transition of utmost importance

Why is productive capacity essential for least developed countries (LDCs)?

How can the international community support graduating and graduated LDCs?

At ECOSOC's DCF Prof. Ocampo stressed the importance of cooperation, debt relief to help LDCs COVID recovery

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