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Meetings & Events

Ahead of LDC 5, the LDC Future Forum brings together the academic community, policymakers and practitioners to gather new thinking on the challenges and possibilities for LDCs in the coming decade. 

CDP member Mariana Mazzucato gave the keynote address at the opening of the General Assembly’s Second Committee. The way we “do capitalism”, she said, has to be much more goal-oriented and the SDGs need to be put at the center of policy.

The CDP session on “Supporting sustainable graduation: making graduation irreversible and a steppingstone to achieve the SDGs” will take place on 31 August (11:15 - 13:15 Geneva time)

Prof. Bhattacharya addressed the ECOSOC High-Level Segment’s session on “Scenarios and possible medium and long term trends related to the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the achievement of SDGs”.

Prof. Ocampo reported on the Committee's work to ECOSOC

2021 HLPF side event organized jointly by the CDP and the New School

The CDP analysis highlights that despite some progress there is still a disconnect between the ambition of the 2030 agenda and the attention given to transformative policies

Recovery from COVID-19 requires reframing the development paradigm towards equality, resilience, environmental sustainability

New Economic School will host an international round table with speakers from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Sweden and Ukraine

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