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Second Committee

Press Releases

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11 December 2014

As Second Committee Concludes Work Approving 8 Draft Resolutions, Operational Activities of Organization, South-South Cooperation Go To Recorded Vote

5 December 2014

Proposal for Sovereign Debt Restructuring Framework among 6 Draft Texts Approved by Second Committee

3 December 2014

Draft Resolution Urging Parties to Convention on Biological Diversity to Contribute towards Sustainable Development among Texts Approved by Second Committee

1 December 2014

Text Calling for Global Efforts to Assist Caribbean States in Sustainable Development among 4 Draft Resolutions Approved by Second Committee

25 November 2014

Among Six Draft Texts Approved, Second Committee Resolution Highlights Lack of Progress in Doha, with Calls for Political Will to Break Impasse

20 November 2014

Second Committee Approves Text Recognizing New International Economic Order for Sustainable Economic Development

13 November 2014

Second Committee Approves Text Calling for Israel to End Exploitation of Natural Resources in Occupied Arab Territories

5 November 2014

Domestic Resource Mobilization Essential for Financing Development, Speakers Note at Second Committee Dialogue with Regional Commissions

4 November 2014

Agricultural Development, Food Security Unattainable without Self-Determination, Sovereignty of Palestinian People, Speakers Say in Second Committee

30 October 2014

Tackling Climate Change Will Enhance Efforts to Eradicate Poverty, Speaker Notes, as Second Committee Takes Up Global Partnerships for Development

29 October 2014

Addressing Imbalances between Core, Non-Core Resources Critical, Speakers Stress, as Second Committee Discusses Operational Activities for Development

28 October 2014

Adapting Land Use Practices to Climate Change Vital for Agriculture Development, Food Security, Say Second Committee Delegates

27 October 2014

Comprehensive Set of Measures Needed to Leverage Migration for Development, Speaker Says, as Second Committee Takes Up Globalization, Interdependence

23 October 2014

As Second Committee Takes Up Countries in Special Situations, Speakers Call for Intensified Efforts to Fully Implement Istanbul Programme of Action

22 October 2014

Fair Multilateral System Essential to Sustained Growth for Developing Countries, Second Committee Hears in Debate on International Trade, Development

21 October 2014

Outcome of Financing for Development Conference Needs to ‘Make a Difference on the Ground’, Speaker Says, As Second Committee Debates Macroeconomic Policy

20 October 2014

Donor States Should Support Efforts by Developing Countries to Eradicate Poverty, Delegates Say as Second Committee Discusses Secretary-General’s Report

16 October 2014

Biodiversity Protection, Responsible Land Management Critical to Post-2015 Agenda, Delegates Stress, as Second Committee Concludes Sustainable Development Debate

15 October 2014

Taking Up Multiple Reports on Sustainable Development, Second Committee Delegates Stress Commitment to Combating Climate Change

14 October 2014

Speakers Address Challenges Posed by Rapid Urbanization as Second Committee Debates Implementation of UN-Habitat II Outcome

13 October 2014

Sovereign Debt Restructuring, Bridging Digital Divide Focus as Second Committee Debates Macroeconomic Policy, Information Technologies for Development

9 October 2014

Speakers Stress Need for Increased Effectiveness, Efficiency as Second Committee Takes Up Improving Working Methods

8 October 2014

Addressing Sovereign Debt Distress among Issues Tackled, as Second Committee Continues Debate on Sustainable Development Goals

7 October 2014

Eradication of Poverty Critical to Future Development Activities, Speakers Stress, as Second Committee Opens Session

19 September 2014

Second Committee Opens Sixty-ninth Session Approving Organization of Work

11 December 2013

Ten Draft Resolutions Approved as Second Committee Concludes Its Session

6 December 2013

Second Committee Approves 16 Draft Resolutions Including Text Urging Banks to Move Forward on Aid for Developing Countries

3 December 2013

Second Committee approves 7 draft resolutions including text on reducing post-harvest food losses, waste

27 November 2013

Second Committee Approves Texts on Agriculture, Rural Development, as Delegates Also Pass Draft on United Nations University Charter

21 November 2013

Second Committee Approves Text on Operational Activities for Development, Takes up Amendments to United Nations University Charter

14 November 2013

Second Committee Approves Text Demanding Israel Comply with International Law, End Exploitation of Arab Resources

13 November 2013

Regulation of Financial Institutions Critical to Avoiding Spread of Global Risk, Speaker Says as Second Committee Debates Economic Crisis

8 November 2013

With New Technologies Will Come Challenge of Learning New Skill Sets, Speaker Tells Second Committee in Discussion on Future Employment

6 November 2013

Investors Can Have Both Financial, Social Returns, Says Business Leader as Second Committee Discusses Sustainable Development Challenges

5 November 2013

General Assembly President Calls Financial Resources ‘Lifeblood’ of Race to Meet Development Targets

4 November 2013

Countries Must Break Unsustainable Consumption Patterns, Say Speakers as Second Committee Begins Sustainable Development Debate

1 November 2013

Climate Change Greatest Threat to Small Island States, Delegate Tells Second Committee, Urging Critical International Support for Survival

31 October 2013

Regional Voices Must Be Heard, Priorities Captured in Post-2015 Agenda, Commission Head Tells Second Committee

30 October 2013

Control, Exploitation of Resources Detrimental to Palestinian Development, Delegates Say in Second Committee

29 October 2013

United Nations, Private Sector Central to Development, Delegates Say as Second Committee Takes Up Global Partnerships

28 October 2013

Holistic Approach Critical in Addressing Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture, Delegates Say, as Second Committee Takes Up Food Security, Nutrition

24 October 2013

Trade Reform, Removal of Protectionist Measures Vital to Economic Growth, Second Committee Hears in Debate on Macroeconomic Policy Questions

23 October 2013 New Approach Needed to Address Vulnerabilities of Middle-Income Countries, Delegates Say in Debate on Globalization, Interdependence
22 October 2013

Bridging Digital Divide Critical to Economic Opportunities, Delegates Say as Second Committee Takes Up Information and Communications Technology

21 October 2013

Improved Transport Infrastructure, Greater Regional Cooperation Stressed as Second Committee Considers Countries in Special Situations

17 October 2013

Burden of Unpaid Work Must Be Valued, Formal Sectors Opened to Women, Delegates Urge as Second Committee Takes Up Poverty Eradication

16 October 2013

New Global Economic Governance Must Address Debt Restructuring, Trade, Investment, Delegates Say as Second Committee Considers Macroeconomic Policies

14 October 2013

With Report Pointing to Slowing Pace in Development Funding, Delegates Stress Importance of South-South Cooperation, as Second Committee Concludes

11 October 2013

Delegates Urge Greater Balance between Developed, Developing Countries in Fighting Global Ills, as Second Committee Concludes General Debate

10 October 2013

Delegates in Second Committee Raise Concerns over Widening Gap between Emerging, Least Developed Countries

9 October 2013

Quality of Teachers in Developing World Critical to Students’ Long-Term Success, Says Keynote Speaker as Second Committee Begins General Debate

2 October 2013

Abdou Salam Diallo of Senegal Elected Chair of Second Committee

21 December 2012

Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review, Implementation of Rio+20 Outcome Draw Attention as General Assembly Takes Up Second Committee Reports

14 December 2012

Draft Resolution Approved in Second Committee Stresses Primary Role of Governments for National Development, Coordinating External Aid

13 December 2012

Second Committee Approves Draft Resolution Stressing Essential Role of Aid in Complementing, Leveraging, Sustaining Development Financing Goals

12 December 2012

Draft Resolution Stresses Need to Increase Investment in Agriculture, Rural Development, as Second Committee Approves Three Texts without Vote

11 December 2012

Text Approved in Second Committee Stresses Shared Responsibility of Creditors, Debtors for Preventing Unsustainable Debt Situations

7 December 2012

Text Approved in Second Committee Would Urge General Assembly to Increase Voluntary Funding for United Nations Environment Programme

5 December 2012

Economic and Financial Committee Approves Text Stressing Need to Increase Share of New Energy Sources in Global Mix

30 November 2012

Second Committee Approves Draft Resolution Stressing Need to Strengthen Scientific Base of Activities against Desertification, Drought

28 November 2012

Second Committee Approves Text Stressing Need for Further Substantial Consideration of Mauritius Strategy on Small Island Developing States

21 November 2012

Second Committee Approves Text Demanding End to Israel's Exploitation of Natural Resources in Occupied Arab Lands

15 November 2012

Management Can Determine Whether Migration Has Positive or Negative Impact, Second Committee Panel Discussion Told

13 November 2012

General Assembly President, in Address to Second Committee, Identifies Elements of 'Perfect Storm' Afflicting Agricultural Output

12 November 2012

Second Committee Speakers Hail 'Mobile Revolution' While Underlining Need to Bridge Gap in Access to Broadband Connectivity

9 November 2012

Full Access to Information and Communications Technology Would Boost Developing World’s Participation in Global Economy, Second Committee Told

8 November 2012

Desertification, Drought Affect One Third of Planet, World’s Poorest People, Second Committee Told as It Continues Debate on Sustainable Development

7 November 2012

Rio+20 Conference ‘A Crucial Milestone’, Second Committee Told as Speakers Stress Urgent Need to Address Climate Change, Build Post-2015 Development Agenda

6 November 2012

Israeli Attacks Timed to Coincide with Olive Harvests, Second Committee Told during Discussion on Arab Sovereignty over Resources in Occupied Lands

5 November 2012

Unfulfilled Global Pledges Impact Fight against Hunger, Second Committee Told as It Considers Agricultural Development

1 November 2012

Global Commitment to Sustainable Urban Development Will Be Reinvigorated Through 2016 World Summit, ‘Urban Agenda for 21st Century’, Second Committee Told

25 October 2012

Ability to Handle Crisis-hit Major Economies Crucial in Combating Risk of Sovereign Debt Default, Keynote Speaker Tells Second Committee

24 October 2012

Speaker in Second Committee Highlights Imbalances Preventing Greater Share of World Trade for Least Developed Countries

23 October 2012

Trade Imbalances Worsening Effects of Global Crisis for Least Developed Countries, Second Committee Told During Discussion on Macroeconomic Policy Questions

22 October 2012

Comprehensive Approach of Monterrey Consensus, Doha Declaration Still Most Effective in Addressing Financing for Development, Second Committee Told

18 October 2012

Speakers Discuss Benefits, Pitfalls of Migration as Second Committee Considers ‘Globalization and Interdependence’

17 October 2012

Resources for Office of Countries in Special Situations Do Not Match Expanded Mandate, High Representative Tells Second Committee

16 October 2012

Human Life Dependent on ‘Planetary Boundaries’ That Should Not Be Crossed, Says Panellist in Second Committee Special Event

15 October 2012

Deputy Secretary-General Urges Second Committee to Use Quadrennial Policy Review to Help Reaffirm, Re-energize United Nations Development System

15 October 2012

Millions Worldwide Deserve International Community’s Best Efforts, Stresses Deputy Secretary-General in Second Committee

10 October 2012

‘Fully Fledged War’ Needed to Eradicate Poverty, Second Committee Told as It Concludes General Debate

9 October 2012

Delegate Warns Second Committee Colleagues Not to Lose Sight of Emerging Food Insecurity Threat, as General Debate Continues

8 October 2012

Inclusive Economic Structure Depends on Effective, Centralized State, Says Keynote Speaker as Second Committee Opens General Debate

21 September 2012

Second Committee Elects Vice-Chair to Fill Remaining Bureau Vacancy

18 September 2012

George Talbot of Guyana Chair of Second Committee

4 September 2012

Second Committee Elects Bureau for Sixty-Seventh General Assembly Session

22 December 2011

Effects of Global Crises on Poor Countries, Sustainable Development Conference Feature as General Assembly Considers Reports of Second Committee

9 December 2011

Acting Without Votes, Second Committee Approves 3 Draft Resolutions, Programme of Work as Session Concludes

6 December 2011

Second Committee Approves Six Draft Resolutions by Consensus as Group of 77 ‘Profoundly Regrets’ Passage of ‘Procedural’ Middle-Income Countries Text

2 December 2011

Second Committee Approves Text Stressing Need to Reduce Volatility in Food Prices as It Takes Action on Five Draft Resolutions

1 December 2011

Second Committee Approves Text Urging Elimination of Unilateral Coercive Economic Measures against Developing Countries

22 November 2011

Second Committee Approves Draft Resolution Urging Coral Reef Protection as Members Take Consensus Action to Pass 12 Texts, Including 7 on Sustainable Development

17 November 2011

Second Committee Approves Text Relating to Permanent Palestinian Sovereignty over Resources in Occupied Territories, Oil Slick on Lebanese Shores

10 November 2011

Most Countries Far Short of ODA Target Figure 10 Years after Monterrey Consensus amid Crisis-Fuelled Plans to Slash Future Aid Budgets, Second Committee Told

3 November 2011

Speakers in Second Committee Stress Need to Reinforce Progress on United Nations-Private Sector Partnerships

2 November 2011

Energy-Food Links to Continue Growing as Cost of Oil Spurs Higher Commodity Prices, Senior Expert Tells Second Committee Panel Discussion

1 November 2011

Speakers in Second Committee Make Case for Third United Nations Conference on Urban Development as They Consider Work of UN-Habitat

31 October 2011

Usual Approach Will Lead to Irreversible Damage, Under-Secretary-General Warns as Second Committee Begins Considering Sustainable Development

28 October 2011

Speakers Underline Vital Need to Conclude Doha Talks as Second Committee Concludes General Discussion on International Trade, Commodities

27 October 2011

Governments Must Create Jobs in Face of Worldwide Protest Movements, Warns International Labour Organization Chief during Panel Discussion

26 October 2011

Arbitrary Detention, Excessive Force, Israeli Settlement Activity Increasing Palestinian Hardship, Regional Commission Chief Tells Second Committee

25 October 2011

Treat Farmers like Entrepreneurs to Boost Creation of Wealth, Jobs, Urges Delegate as Second Committee Concludes Debate on Agriculture Development, Food Security

24 October 2011

Nobel Laureate’s Pessimistic Look at Global Prospects Warns of ‘Economic Suicide’ Risk in Briefing to Second Committee, Economic and Social Council

21 October 2011

Further Delay in Implementing Action Programme for Least Developed Countries Risks Exacerbating Lives of World’s Poorest People, Second Committee Told

20 October 2011

Appeals for Help for World’s Poorest, Least Developed, Landlocked Countries Are Heard in Assembly’s Economic Committee

19 October 2011

Weighing Pros, Cons of Globalization, Second Committee Delegates Caution Growth in Global Trade, Interdependence, Could Exacerbate Inequalities

17 October 2011

1.5 Billion People Living in Absolute Poverty Makes Its Eradication Humankind’s Most Significant Challenge, Second Committee Told

14 October 2011

Global Economic Recovery Still ‘Very Vulnerable’ to Shocks, Turbulence, Uncertainty, Say Panellists in Second Committee Briefing

13 October 2011

Global Financial Crisis Should Not Affect Fulfilment of Official Assistance Commitments, Say Speakers in Second Committee

12 October 2011

Delegates in Second Committee Call Attention to Developing World’s Potential, While Urging Balanced Financing of United Nations Development Activities

11 October 2011

Need For New Political Commitment to Production, Job Growth Underlined as Panel in Second Committee Discusses Alternative Employment Creation Strategies

10 October 2011

Global Economic Deterioration Dispelled ‘Cautious Optimism’ Over External Debt Sustainability, Senior Official Tells Second Committee

5 October 2011

Delegates Stress Importance of Multilateral Action for Sustainable Development as Second Committee Concludes General Debate

4 October 2011

Europe Hardest-Hit in ‘Great Recession’, Second Committee Told as It Holds Dialogue with Heads of United Nations Regional Commissions

3 October 2011

Under-Secretary-General Calls for More Equitable Development Models as Second Committee Begins General Debate

16 September 2011

Second Committee Completes Bureau for Sixty-Sixth General Assembly Session