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Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly

Financial Rules & Regulations of the United Nations

Operational rates of exchange, United Nations Treasury
Operational rates of exchange intended only for the internal record-keeping of the United Nations. Generally, the rates are updated monthly, based on market conditions. Adjustments are also made following official government devaluations or revaluations.

Briefing on Methodology the Scale of Assessment 2013-2015
A presentation prepared by the United Nations Statistics Division on the methodology for the Scale of Assessment.

Debt to Member States
Debt to Member States consists of amounts owed for troops and formed police units and contingent owned equipment (COE).  Information on contributors of military and civilian police personnel and on the COE system is available on the UN DPKO website. 

Report of the Ad Hoc Intergovernmental Working Group on the Implementation of the Principle of Capacity to Pay

Rules Governing Payment of Travel Expenses and Subsistence Allowances in Respect of Members of Organs or Subsidiary Organs of the United Nations

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