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The Committee on Contributions meets annually for 3 to 4 weeks, usually in June of each year. The report of the Committee is considered by the General Assembly through the Fifth Committee at the following main session.

Every year the Committee considers requests for exemption under Article 19 of the Charter. The Committee also reviews the status of multi-year payment plans, and elements of the methodology of the scale of assessments.

Seventy-third session

The Committee held its seventy-third session from 3 to 21 June 2013. The report of the Committee is contained in document A/68/11.

With regard to the methodology for the scale of assessments, the Committee:

      (a) Recalled and reaffirmed its recommendation that the scale should be based on the most current, comprehensive and comparable data available for gross national income (GNI);

      (b) Recommended that the General Assembly encourage Member States to submit the required national accounts questionnaires under the 1993 System of National Accounts (SNA) or the 2008 SNA on a timely basis. The Committee also expressed support for the efforts of the Statistics Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the Secretariat to enhance coordination, advocacy and implementation of SNA and supporting statistics at the national level, with a view to enabling Member States to submit national accounts data on a timely basis, with the required scope, detail and quality;

      (c) Recalled and reaffirmed its recommendation that market exchange rates should be used in preparing the scale, except where that would cause excessive fluctuations and distortions in GNI of some Member States expressed in United States dollars, in which case price-adjusted rates of exchange or other appropriate conversion rates should be applied, if so determined on a case-by-case basis;

      (d) Agreed that, once chosen, there were advantages in using the same base period for as long as possible;

      (e) Decided to further consider all elements of the scale methodology at its future sessions in the light of guidance from the General Assembly.

The Committee also decided to study further the questions of automatic annual recalculation and large scale-to-scale changes in rates of assessment on the basis of guidance by the General Assembly.

With regard to multi-year payment plans, the Committee recommended that the General Assembly encourage those Member States in arrears under Article 19 of the Charter of the United Nations to consider submitting multi-year payment plans.

With regard to the application of Article 19 of the Charter, the Committee recommended that the following Member States be permitted to vote in the General Assembly until the end of the sixty-eighth session of the Assembly: the Central African Republic, the Comoros, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe and Somalia.

Under other matters the Committee:

      (a) Took note of a request from Iraq and decided to use the external debt information provided by Iraq for the preparation of future scales of assessment;

      (b) Recommended that the State of Palestine be assessed, as a non-member observer State, at 50 per cent of the notional rate of assessment of 0.005 per cent;

      (c) Decided to hold its seventy-fourth session from 2 to 20 June 2014.