UNCCP – UNCCP Memorandum re. steps Israeli could take to create a favorable atmosphere at the start of the Lausanne talks



The Conciliation Commission considers that the following preliminary measures might well be taken by the Government of Israel without prejudice to its interests for the Purpose of creating an atmosphere favourable to the success of the forthcoming exchanges of view:

1. A declaration by the Government of Israel that it will cooperate to the fullest possible extent in the solution of the refugee problem.

2. A declaration by the Government of Israel that it accepts the proprietary rights of the refugees from its territory and is prepared to pay them compensation.

3. A declaration by the Government of Israel that it respects the rights of minorities within its borders :and intends to punish anyone infringing these rights.

4. An assurance by the Government of Israel that it has no intention of confiscating blocked Arab accounts in Israeli banks and that these funds will be available to the proper owners on the conclusion of peace.

5. Suspension of the application of the absentee law until the final peace settlement, and the placing of refugee property in the category of “enemy property” under a custodian.

6. The undertaking of the necessary measures to prevent further deterioration of refugee property in Israeli territory.

7. The employment of a certain number of refugee workers in Israel, e.g. in the port of Haifa, the orange groves etc.

* Handed to Mr. Michael Comay by the Principal Secretary in Jerusalem on 11 April 1949.

Document symbol: A/AC.25/IS.9
Download Document Files: [get_file_name file_url=”https://unispal.un.org/pdfs/AAC25IS9.pdf“]
Document Type: Memorandum
Document Sources: United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine (UNCCP)
Country: Israel
Subject: Palestine question
Publication Date: 11/04/1949

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