UNCCP – Refugees, territorial questions, questionnaire to delegations/(Lausanne talks) – draft declaration




The United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine, in conformity with paragraphs 4, 5 and 6 of the General Assembly’s resolution of 11 December 1948, has concentrated, since the taking over of its functions, on establishing relations with all the parties interested in the solution of the Palestine problem, and on seeking with them the basis for a final settlement of all questions upon which they have not yet reached agreement.

Progress has been made in this direction, thanks to the effective and constant collaboration of the delegations present in Lausanne, which have been willing, in particular,

a) to agree, with a view to achieving the aims laid down in the General Assembly’s resolution of 11 December 1948 concerning the respect of the rights and the conservation of the property of the refugees, as well as questions, of a territorial or other nature, to accept as a basis of discussion with the Commission the working document attached to the Protocol of 12 May 1949, with the understanding that the exchange of views which would be undertaken by the Commission with the interested parties would bear upon the territorial adjustments necessary to the achievement of the aforementioned aims;

b) to give, on 28 July 1949, express assurances of their intention to collaborate with the Commission toward a final settlement of the Palestine problem and the establishment of a just and lasting peace in Palestine;

c) to lay down the principle, on 3 August 1949 that the repatriation of Arab refugees to Israel would form part of a general plan for a final settlement of the Arab refugee problem, and that the solution of that problem would constitute the first step in negotiations directed toward the final settlement of the Palestine problem;

The Commission, noting the results already obtained to date, considers it its duty to submit to the Delegation of…. a certain number of questions which will define in a clear and precise manner the position of the Delegation with regard to the aims established by the General Assembly of the United Nations, and which will consequently enable the Commission to determine in the best way, the line to be followed in its future work,

The Commission would be very grateful if the Delegation of…… will supply it, as soon as possible, with answers to these questions.



Is the Delegation of…… prepared to sign a declaration according to which:

l. The solution of the refugee problem should be sought in the repatriation of refugees in Israeli-controlled territory and in the re-settlement of those not repatriated in Arab countries or in the zone of Palestine not under Israeli control?

It is understood that the repatriated refugees will become ipso facto citizens of Israel and that no discrimination will be practised against them both with regard to the civil and the political rights which they will exercise and to the obligations imposed upon them by the law of the land.

It is also understood that repatriation in Israel as well as re-settlement in the Arab countries or in the zone of Palestine not under Israeli control, will take place subject to technical and financial aid given to each party by the international community.

2. In case a survey group should be charged by the United Nations with the establishment of major work projects in the Middle East with a view to facilitating the repatriation, resettlement and economic and social rehabilitation of the Arab refugees, as well as with the study of the conditions under which that program could take place, all the parties will undertake to facilitate the task of the survey group and to take all possible measures to aid in the implementation of such solutions as the group might propose?

3. All the parties will state specifically that the above-mentioned conditions concerning the Arab refugees will not prejudice the rights which the parties serve in connection with the final settlement of the territorial question in Palestine?

4. The funds for emergency aid extended to the refugees must be renewed until technical and financial aid shall have been allotted by the international community?

Moreover, without committing its Government for the present or for the future, and taking account of the fact that no exact and detailed statistics exist with regard to the refugees, is the Delegation of…… prepared to present a provisional estimate of the approximate number of refugees which its Government would be ready to accept?


Territorial Settlement

Sole question: What territorial adjustments does the Delegation desire to make to the working document annexed to the Protocol of 12 May 1949?

Observation: At this juncture the Commission wishes to recall the importance of the territorial question, the settlement of which is linked to that of the refugee problem, and will enable the United Nations to put into effect in the future the measures necessary to ensure the economic development and prosperity of the countries of the Middle East.

End Note
*Issued also as AR/16

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