International regime for Jerusalem – UNCCP’s Cttee on Jerusalem – Questionnaire



Questionnaire concerning an International Regime for the Jerusalem Area

1. What kind of guarantees and international sanctions do you consider necessary to ensure the permanence and stability of an international regime for the Jerusalem area?

2. Do you consider that the Jerusalem area should be placed under the exclusive authority of the United Nations?

3. Or would you prefer that the area of Jerusalem be divided into two zones, a Jewish zone and an Arab zone, in which the authority of the neighbouring states could be exercised in respect to all matters not reserved to the exclusive competence of the international regime?


In the eventuality mentioned under (3): —

4. What kind of administrative body would you envisage for the administration of common public facilities and services in Jerusalem? How should such a body be composed?

5. What Tribunals should in your opinion be set up to deal with:

(i) cases of jurisdictional conflicts between administrative organs and courts within the area of Jerusalem;

(ii) cases involving claims that laws ordinances, regulations, administrative acts or court decisions are incompatible with the Statute;

(iii) cases in which the parties involved do not belong to the same zone.

6. Which are the Holy Places, religious buildings and sites of the three religions in the Jerusalem area in respect of which United Nations guarantees should in your view be provided?

7. What measures of protection and what guarantees should in your opinion be provided by the United Nations in respect of these Holy Places, religious buildings and sites?

8. What measures is your Government prepared to take with a view to ensuring free access to the Jerusalem area and to the Holy Places, religious buildings and sites situated therein?

9. What measures does your Government propose to take concerning the complete demilitarization and neutralization of the Jerusalem area and the prohibition, within its boundaries of all military or para-military formations, exercises and activities?

10. Is your Government prepared to give formal assurances with respect to the permanent demilitarization .of the Jerusalem area and to the inviolability of the demarcation line between the Arab and Jewish zones?

11. What do you consider should be the customs frontiers for the Jerusalem area?

12. What are your views concerning the desirability and possibility of establishing the Jerusalem area as an economic free zone?


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