26 February 1948

Jerusalem, Feb. 25 – Scattered incidents occurred throughout Palestine. Jews raided the British Military court building here and there were 13 different attacks on road traffic during the day. Total casualties for the day were 4 Arabs and 8 Jews killed, and 16 Jews, 10 Arabs and 6 Britons wounded. (N.Y. Times)

Jerusalem, Feb. 25 – Lt. Gen Sir Alan Cunningham, High Commissioner, told a British audience today that it has been “outside interference” which has prevented the mandatory government from achieving its aims and said that “sometime in the future the need for Britain will be felt again. (N.Y. Herald Tribune)

Cairo, Feb. 25 – Riyard Bey el Solh, Lebanese Premier, was quoted today as saying that the Arab League has decided to forbid the Trans-Arabian Pipeline to operate across Arab countries from Saudi Arabia to the Mediterranean. (N.Y. Herald Tribune)

London, Feb. 25 – A small minority within the Labor party has formally voiced its disagreement with the British Government’s policy of doing nothing to assist in the formation of an international force to implement partition of Palestine. A motion to the effect that Britain should encourage though not necessarily participate in such a force was passed at a private meeting of the Parliamentary Labor party’s foreign affairs committee, but it will not be pressed to a vote in the House. (N.Y. Times)

London, Feb. 21 – An article in The Economist of 21 February 1948 notes that recent events in Palestine have helped to change American policy since November 29 and the “reckless partisanship” has given may to “sober misgivings”. Even if the Security Council could agree on enforcement measures they will “still be too little and too late”, and the Council would do better to shape its policy to events rather than to attempt an enforcement which must be ineffectual. The article notes that “all the makings of an effective policy of non-intervention” are present and that the Security Council “will do the United Nations more honour by seizing this chance than by futile intervention in support of a policy which cannot be carried out”.