Roundtable Meeting on the Results of the Labour Force Survey among Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon


5 April 2012


Beirut, Lebanon


Le Commodore Hotel, Hamra

Regions and countries covered


Unit responsible

ILO Regional Office for Arab States


· Sawsan Masri National Project Coordinator, Improving Access to Employment and Social Protection for Palestinian Refugees

· Email:

· Tel: 01-752400


The International Labour Organization with the Committee for Employment of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon (CEP), through the project “Improving access to employment and social protection for Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon” (funded by the European Union) has implemented a labour force survey among Palestinian refugees in the camps and specific gatherings end of 2011. The field work and processing of data was undertaken by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics with technical support from FAFO Institute for Applied Research (Norway). The aim of the survey is to provide reliable and up-to-date data on Palestinian employment in the country in order to empower advocacy efforts and to support evidence-based policy making for improved employment conditions for Palestinian refugees.

Within this framework, three roundtable meetings to discuss the preliminary findings of the survey will be organized. Each meeting will involve different group of audience as the following:

· First Meeting: Researchers, experts and academicians

· Second Meeting: Government representatives, international organizations and the donor community.

· Third Meeting: Palestinian and Lebanese civil society organizations and the right to work coalition

The objective of the meeting is to have focused deliberations over the labour force survey results, come up with suggestions and recommendations for best utilization of this data and brainstorm ideas and key messages for an advocacy campaign towards Palestinians' right to work. 

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