The Secretariat of the United Nations has received a reply from the Government of the USSR to the circular letter of the Secretary General of 29 May 1947, transmitting a copy of a letter from Sir Alexander Cadogan, Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the United Nations, relative to the resolution on the Palestine question adopted on 15 May 1947 by the General Assembly.  The British letter urged that member nations of the United Nations "to assist towards a peaceful solution of the Palestine problem . . . by doing all in their power to discourage illegal immigration (into Palestine) while the question remains sub judice."

The reply of the Government of the USSR states that:  "The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics having no concern with the illegal immigration of Jews into Palestine, takes cognizance of the General Assembly resolution of 15 May 1947.

The Government of Colombia has also replied to the Secretary-General's letter.  The Colombian reply states that:  "the Government of Colombia accepts the points of view expressed in the British communication and is willing to take necessary measures required by the resolution of the General Assembly on the question of Palestine on 15 May 1947."

Replies have previously been received by the Secretary-General from ten countries.  Eight of these–Ecuador, Nicaragua, China, the Philippine Republic, USA, Australia, Mexico and El Salvador simply acknowledge receipt of the letter.  Two–Canada and Guatemala acknowledge receipt with added remarks.  (See Press Release PAL/39 of 19 June 1947.)

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Document symbol: PAL/46
Document Type: Press Release
Document Sources: Department of Public Information (DPI), Secretariat, Secretary-General
Country: Colombia, Soviet Union
Subject: Palestine question
Publication Date: 25/06/1947