Implementation of resolution and decision on Ascent to Mughari Gate in Jerusalem – UNESCO decision




5 Report by the Director-General on the follow-up to decisions and resolutions adopted by the Executive Board and the General Conference at their previous sessions

(191 EX/5 and Add.-Add.5 and Add. Corr. (French and Arabic only); 191 EX/46; 191 EX/47)

Programme issues


Implementation of 36 C/Resolution 43 and 190 EX/Decision 5 (II) relating to the Ascent to the Mughrabi Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem1

The Executive Board,

1. Having considered documents 191 EX/5, section I, and 191 EX/5 Add.5,

2. Acknowledges the commitment of the parties concerned to implement World Heritage Committee (WHC) decision 34 COM 7A.20 (Brasilia consensus decision) as well as their agreement to participate in a meeting of experts on the Mughrabi Ascent in May 2013 in Paris, as reflected in the letter dated 23 April 2013 from the Permanent Delegate of Israel addressed to the Director-General;

3. Thanks the Director-General for her efforts and initiatives leading to an understanding between all parties concerned and to the implementation of World Heritage Committee decision 34 COM 7A.20, and invites her to continue these efforts;

4. Decides to include this item in the agenda of its 192nd session, and invites the Director-General to submit to it a follow-up report thereon.

(191 EX/SR. 7)


1The decision was approved by consensus in the Programme and External Relations Commission (PX). 


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