USDoS Spokesperson says discussing Palestinian State is premature – USDoS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)

Jen Psaki
Daily Press Briefing

Washington, DC

October 15, 2014


2:39 p.m. EDT



QUESTION: On the Palestinian-Israeli issue, the Israeli press is saying that Secretary Kerry pressed Prime Minister Netanyahu to go back into the negotiations. Can you comment on this? Is this true? Can you confirm that the Secretary has urged the Israeli prime minister to go back to the negotiating table?

MS. PSAKI: Well, Said, I think as the Secretary has said many times publicly, the only way that there will be a lasting peace is to have a two-state solution that would come through direct negotiations. And certainly, that’s a message he talks about publicly and privately.

QUESTION: I understand. But did he do this in the last 24 hours? Did he call —

MS. PSAKI: I’d have to check and see if there’s anything specifically on that.

QUESTION: Okay. And finally on this issue —

MS. PSAKI: Mm-hmm.

QUESTION: — President Hollande of France said that if negotiations prove to be not – a nonstarter, then they will recognize a Palestinian state. Is that something that you welcome or you understand or —

MS. PSAKI: Our position is as I said yesterday: We feel the only way to – we support the Palestinian state – we would support a Palestinian state, but we believe it needs to be achieved through a two-state solution. We believe otherwise it’s premature to be discussing it.

QUESTION: So are you discouraging the EU – the European Union and other countries not to recognize a Palestinian state at this stage?

MS. PSAKI: I think they’re familiar with what our position is.


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