24 July 1973


Guinea, India, Indonesia, Panama, Peru, Sudan, Yugoslavia:

draft resolution

The Security Council

Having examined comprehensively the current situation in the Middle East,

Having heard in this context the statements of the participants in this debate, including the Foreign Ministers of Egypt, Algeria, chad, Guinea, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan and the United Republic of Tanzania,

Emphasizing its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security,

Emphasizing further that all Members of the United Nations are committed to respect the resolutions of the Security Council in accordance with the provision of the Charter,

Reaffirming resolution 242 (1967) of 22 November 1967,

Conscious that the rights of the Palestinians have to be safeguarded,

Taking note of the report of the Secretary-General (S/10929) which includes an account of the objective and determined efforts of his Special Representative since 1967,

1.  Deeply regrets that the Secretary-General was unable to report any significant progress by him or by his Special Representative in carrying out the terms of resolution 242(1967), and that nearly six years after its adoption a just and lasting peace in the Middle East has still not been achieved;

2.    Strongly deplores Israel’s continuing occupation of the territories occupied as a result of the 1967 conflict, contrary to the principles of the Charter;

3.    Expresses serious concern at Israel’s lack of co-operation with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General;


4.   Supports the initiatives of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General taken in conformity with his mandate and contained in his aid-mémoire of 8 February 1971;

5.   Expresses its conviction that a just and peaceful solution of the problem of the Middle East can be achieved only on the basis of respect for national sovereignty, territorial integrity, the rights of all States in the area and for the rights and legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians;

6.   Declares that in the occupied territories no changes which may obstruct a peaceful and final settlement or which may adversely affect the political and other fundamental rights of all the inhabitants in these territories should be introduced or recognized;

7.   Requests the Secretary-General and his Special Representative to resume and to pursue their efforts to promote a just and peaceful solution of the Middle East problem;

8.   Decides to afford the Secretary-General and his Special Representative all support and assistance for the discharge of their responsibilities;

9.   Calls upon all parties concerned to extend full co-operation to the Secretary-General and his Special Representative;

10.  Decides to remain seized of the problem and to meet again urgently whenever it becomes necessary.


The Security Council on 26 July 1973 voted on the draft resolution as follows:

In favour: Australia, Austria, France, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Panama, Peru, Sudan, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Yogoslavia.

Against: United States of America.