Pursuant to rule 11 of the provisional rules of procedure of the Security Council, the Secretary-General is submitting the following summary statement.

The list of items of which the Security Council is seized is contained in document S/18570 of  8 January 1987.

During the week ending 17 January 1987, the Security Council took action on the following items:


The situation in the Middle East (see S/7913, S/7923, S/7976, S/8000, S/8048, S/8066, S/8215, S/8242, S/8252, S/8269, S/8502, S/8525, S/8534, S/8564, S/8575, S/8584, S/8595, S/8747, S/8753, S/8807, S/8815, S/8828, S/8836, S/8885, S/8896, S/8960, S/9123, S/9135, S/9319, S/9382, S/9395, S/9406, S/9427 and Corr.1, S/9449, S/9452, S/9805, S/9812, S/9930, S/10327, S/10341, S/10554, S/10557, S/10703, S/10721, S/10729, S/10743, S/10770/Add.4, S/10855/Add.15, S/10855/Add.16, S/10855/Add.23, S/10855/Add.24, S/10855/Add.29, S/10855/Add.30, S/10855/Add.33, S/10855/Add.41, S/10855/Add.43, S/10855/Add.44, S/11185/Add.14, S/11185/Add.15, S/11185/Add.16, S/11185/Add.21, S/11185/Add.42/Rev.1, S/11185/Add.47, S/11593/Add.15, S/11593/Add.21, S/11593/Add.29, S/11593/Add.42, S/11593/Add.49, S/11935/Add.21, S/11935/Add.42, S/11935/Add.48, S/12269/Add.12, S/12269/Add.13, S/12269/Add.21, S/12269/Add.42, S/12269/Add.48, S/12520/Add.10, S/12520/Add.11, S/12520/Add.17, S/12520/Add.21, S/12520/Add.37, S/12520/Add.39, S/12520/Add.42, S/12520/Add.47, S/12520/Add.48, S/13033/Add.2, S/13033/Add.16, S/13033/Add.19, S/13033/Add.41, S/13033/Add.23, S/13033/Add.34, S/13033/Add.47, S/13033/Add.50, S/13737/Add.15, S/13737/Add.16, S/13737/Add.21, S/13737/Add.24, S/13737/Add.25, S/13737/Add.26, S/13737/Add.33, S/13737/Add.47, S/13737/Add.50, S/14326/Add.10, S/14326/Add.11, S/14326/Add.20, S/14326/Add.24, S/14326/Add.28, S/14326/Add.29, S/14326/Add.47, S/14326/Add.50, S/14840/Add.8, S/14840/Add.21, S/14840/Add.22, S/14840/Add.23, S/14840/Add.24, S/14840/Add.25, S/14840/Add.27, S/14840/Add.30, S/14840/Add.31, S/14840/Add.32, S/14840/Add.33, S/14840/Add.37, S/14840/Add.42, S/14840/Add.48, S/15560/Add.1, S/15560/Add.21, S/15560/Add.29. S/15560/Add.37, S/15560/Add.42, S/15560/Add.45, 8/15560/Add.47, S/15560/Add.48, S/16270/Add.6, S/16270/Add.8, S/16270/Add.15, S/16270/Add.20. S/16270/Add.21, S/16270/Add.34, S/16270/Add.35, S/16270/Add.40. S/16270/Add.47, S/16880/Add.8, S/16880/Add.9,S/16880/Add.10, S/16880/Add.15, S/16880/Add.20, S/16880/Add.21, S/16880/Add.41, S/16880/Add.46, S/17725/Add.29, S/17725/Add.15, S/17725/Add.21, S/17725/Add.28, S/17725/Add.35, S/17725/Add.37, S/17725/Add.38, S/17725/Add.43 and S/17725/Add.47)

At its 2731st meeting, on 15 January 1987, the Security Council resumed its consideration of the item, having before it the report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) covering the period from 11 July 1986 to 11 January 1987 (S/18581 and Corr.1 and Add.1).

The President, with the consent of the Security Council, invited the representatives of Ireland, Israel and Lebanon, at their request, to participate in the discussion without the right to vote.

The President drew attention to a draft resolution (S/18597), which had been prepared in the course of the Council's consultations.

The Security Council then proceeded to vote on the draft resolution (S/18597) and adopted it unanimously as resolution 594 (1987).

Resolution 594 (1987) reads as follows:

The Security Council,

Recalling its resolutions 425 (1978), 426 (1978), 501 (1982), 508 (1982), 509 (1982) and 520 (1982), as well as all its resolutions on the situation in Lebanon,

Having studied the report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon of 12 January 1987 (S/18581 and Corr. 1 and Add.1), and taking note of the observations expressed therein,

Taking note of the letter dated 6 January 1987 from the Permanent Representative of Lebanon to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General (S/18580),

Responding to the request of the Government of Lebanon,

1. Decides to extend the present mandate of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon for a further interim period of six months and twelve days, that is, until 31 July 1987;

2. Reiterates its strong support for the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Lebanon within its internationally recognized boundaries;

3. Re-emphasizes the terms of reference and general guidelines of the Force as stated in the report of the Secretary-General of 19 March 1978, approved by resolution 426 (1978), and calls upon all parties concerned to co-operate fully with the Force for the full implementation of its mandate;

4. Reiterates that the Force should fully implement its mandate as defined in resolutions 425 (1978), 426 (1978) and all other relevant resolutions;

5. Requests the Secretary-General to continue consultations with the Government of Lebanon and other parties directly concerned on the implementation of the present resolution and to report to the Security Council thereon.