Region: Africa
  • Egypt2-2

    Duration: December 2017 - June 2022
    Budget: US$5,089,703
    Implementing Agencies: ILO, UNIDO, UNDP

    Accelerating progress on the SDGs, tackling the challenges of out-migration and the reintegration of returnees, and responding to the needs of an increasingly young population are national priorities in Egypt. To address these interconnected issues, this programme is advancing an inclusive strategy for sustainable development by strengthening youth engagement and social cohesion, promoting durable solutions for the returnees, and alleviating the root causes of out-migration and underdevelopment in the Nile Delta region. The programme complements and bolsters national and subnational efforts to advance the 2030 Agenda for all Egyptians, building on the lessons learned from the highly successful UNTFHS Hayat initiative in Minya (2013-2016).


  • A large crowd of men is gathered in a white room with red carpet. Each man has his own desk. A spokesperson dressed in black is situated in front of the crowd of people who have gathered before him.

    Duration: June 2013 - May 2016
    Budget: US$6,257,665
    Implementing Agencies: UNIDO, ILO, IOM, UN-HABITAT, UNWomen

    The overall goal of the programme is to improve the human security of vulnerable households in Upper Egypt by promoting community-owned priority interventions, improving employment and income generating opportunities, and strengthening social cohesion.