Administrative and Budgetary Committee (Fifth Committee)

Programme of Work & Status of Documentation for the 63rd Session

Second part of the resumed session (May-June 2009)

First part of the resumed session (March 2009)

Main session (October - December 2008)


About the Programme of Work

The programme of work for the session is considered by the Bureau of the Committee and approved by the Committee at its Organizational session. Once approved it is distributed in hard copy to the Committee and published on the Fifth Committee website. The Programme of work includes links to the documents that are under consideration. Document symbols are added as soon as they become available. During the course of the session, the programme of work is regularly reviewed, and updated by the Bureau to reflect progress in the discussions and availability of reports. Please check this page regularly for the latest updates.

About the Status of Preparedness of Documentation

Before the session begins, the status of the preparedness of documentation in front of the Committee is issued as an L. document. This document outlines what documents have been submitted and when they are due for issuance.

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