2015 Country Snapshots

The 2015 Country Snapshots compiles the key statistical data used by the Committee for Development Policy (CDP) at the 2015 triennial review of the least developed country category.

Least developed countries (LDCs) are defined as low-income countries suffering from structural impediments to sustainable development. To identify LDCs, the CDP uses three criteria: gross national income (GNI) per capita; human assets index (HAI) and economic vulnerability index (EVI). HAI and EVI are indices composed of four and eight indicators, respectively. The three criteria together with these indicators are presented in one-page profiles for each of the 48 countries classified as LDCs in 2015, thus providing a snapshot of each country's situation at the 2015 triennial review. The snapshots also illustrate the gaps in progress towards the LDC graduation thresholds for each country, while comparing individual outcomes with corresponding results for all LDCs and developing countries.


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