Border security and management

UNOCT Border Security and Management

A west Timorese priest passes through the border barrier between West and East Timor. Photo: UN Photo/ Martine Perret

Members of terrorist groups and foreign terrorist fighters continue to move across remote and sparsely controlled border zones that are often porous. Stemming this flow is recognised as a key element of global counter-terrorism efforts.

Countering the flow of terrorists

Ensuring effective border security and management is essential for preventing and countering the flow of suspected terrorists and foreign terrorist fighters across land, air, and maritime borders. Border security and management is also imperative to curb the illicit cross-border movement of arms, ammunition, explosives, hazardous materials, goods and cargo that may be used for terrorist purposes.

Border security and management programming

The global Border and Security Management programme aims to prevent the cross-border movement of terrorists and stem the flow of foreign terrorist fighters through improved border security and management and cross-border cooperation among beneficiary countries.

UNOCT's targeted capacity-building training, based on established best practices for border security management, is being delivered through an “All of UN” approach with key Global Compact partners including UNODCIOMWCO, and INTERPOL

Through its Counter-Terrorism Centre, UNCCT, the Office works closely with CTED to increase and strengthen awareness, knowledge and capacity of Member States. Our programme promotes to use and share biometric data in a responsible manner to enhance border security in the counter-terrorism context, as called for in Security Council Resolution 2396 (2017).

Border security

Enhancing awareness and understanding of established ‘good practices’ stems the flow of foreign terrorist fighters across borders. Our Programme assists countries integrating such practices within their national strategies and action plans to counter terrorism and enhances the skills of border officers.