Counter-Terrorism Coordination Platform

Graphic of the CT Coordination Platform

About the Platform


The United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT) and the Office of Information and Communication Technology (OICT), thanks to the financial support of the State of Qatar, have developed the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Platform, as a user-friendly, password-protected, digital gateway for:

  • Efficient and inclusive coordination and partnerships within the UN system and with Member States.
  • Joint, multi-stakeholder planning and collaboration among the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact entities.
  • One-stop-shop to enhance the visibility of UN efforts and for restricted sharing of information.


Access to the Platform is restricted to designated focal points from Member States and Counter-Terrorism Compact entities.


Key functionalities

The Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination platform provides to designated focal points from Counter-Terrorism Compact entities and Member States the following key functionalities:

  • Global Networking 
  • Searchable Contact Directory  
  • Thematic Resource Library 
  • Joint Calendar 
  • Multi-stakeholder Collaboration 
  • Dedicated Working Group Spaces
  • Joint Planning and Prioritization
  • Activity Trackers
  • Matrix of UN Projects on preventing and countering terrorism
  • CTED Technical Assistance Recommendations