National Interagency Coordination Mechanism – Fusion Cells

Key Benefits


Graphic of the opening remarks from the SG

Counter Terrorism

Fusion Centers can gather, analyse and share information on matters of National Security such as terrorism to inform local, regional and national threat analysis, informing leaders and supporting national threat prevention efforts to counter terrorism and violent extremism. A Fusion Centre is a collaborative effort between law enforcement agencies who share information.


Intelligence Led Policing

Fusion Centers can de-conflict, develop and support coordinated interventions, as well as support and direct law enforcement, border and maritime surveillance by enhancing the understanding of the general domain, identifying opportunities to develop whilst sharing more intelligence and working together to fill intelligence gaps.


Threat Assessment

A Threat Assessment is the practice of determining the credibility and seriousness of potential threats, as well as the probability that these threats will become a reality. Fusion Centers can play a key part in informing the threat assessment process, through identifying threats, assessing its credibility and probability, and informing strategic, operational and tactical threat mitigation options.


Crisis Response

Almost every natural disaster calls for a “crisis” room – where chosen responders congregate, plan and organize crisis response. One of the most important requirements of a crisis response is information. Fusion Centers, when tasked, can support the collation, analysis and timely sharing of assessed reporting that aids understanding and allows leaders to make informed decisions.


Leadership and Decision Making

Fusion Centers can connect key organizations to share information and support the decision-making process of leaders at a local, regional or national level. Connecting Fusion Centers into a national network information providers can create a robust system for information flow that is able to keep pace with today’s evolving threats such as terrorism, organized crime and even pandemics.



For more information, please check out the Global Fusion Cells Programme brochure.