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UNCCT Annual Report

UNCCT Annual Report 2020

2020 was the last year of the UNCCT Five-Year Programme (2016-2020). As detailed in this report, the Centre made impressive progress in achieving the objectives set out by the 5-Year Programme, with more than 91 per cent of planned activities either completed or being implemented. In April 2021, the Secretary-General extended the current term of the UNCCT Advisory Board under the Chairmanship of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has been instrumental in guiding the development of UNCCT and the implementation of its programme of work.

Despite the impact of COVID-19, UNOCT was able to extend the reach and impact of UNCCT’s assistance to beneficiaries by leveraging its individual staff and programme offices located in Europe, Central Asia, South East Asia and Africa.

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Preventing Terrorists from Acquiring Weapons – Technical Guidelines

These technical guidelines are a first in its kind document to facilitate the implementation of Security Council resolution 2370 (2017) on preventing terrorists from acquiring weapons. They are developed by CTED, UNCCT, UNIDIR and the members of the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact Working Group on Border Management and Law Enforcement relating to Counter-Terrorism as a result of a joint project.

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The Handbook of Global South Initiatives to Counter Terrorism and Prevent Violent Extremism

The Handbook of Global South Initiatives to Counter Terrorism and Prevent Violent Extremism features national and regional CT/PVE initiatives in various regions of the Global South that offer innovative solutions and have demonstrated results as well as a potential for expansion. The handbook is part of UNOCT’s ongoing efforts to enhance South-South and Triangular cooperation in countering terrorism and preventing violent extremism.

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Handbook Children affected by the foreign-fighter phenomenon: Ensuring a child rights-based approach

Following the territorial collapse of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in particular, increased attention has been focused on foreign-fighters and their families returning to their countries of origin or travelling to a third country. Thousands of children are among them. This Handbook lists practical guidance towards such children while also taking obligations under international human rights, humanitarian and refugee law into account.
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Handbook on Human Rights and Screening in Border Security and Management

Policies and procedures around border security and management are wide ranging and raise a variety of issues related to human rights. This Handbook focuses on specific human rights issues around policies and processes for screening and assessing individuals at international borders in the context of counter-terrorism.

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Pocketbook on Human Rights and Screening in Border Security and Management

Screening procedures at borders play an important role in identifying and intercepting individuals suspected of traveling to participate in terrorist acts. This Pocketbook looks at border security and management, international law and respecting and protecting human rights of every individual while taking measures to counter terrorism.

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