EU Supports the Palestinian Authority in Strengthening its External Audit Capacity – Press Release (Non-UN Document)

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14/12/2021 – 09:29

The project overall objective is to improve accountability and management of public funds in Palestine through enhanced external audit capacity, and in conformity with recognized international audit standards. The project is also expected to support the SAACB in improving its function, performance and impact.

The SAACB Chairman, Counselor Eyad Tayyem said: The main reason behind the State Audit and Administrative Control Bureau (SAACB) activity is to guarantee proper actions and financial and administrative stability for the Palestinian Authority, in addition to identification of financial and administrative deviations, including misuse of public office. Our aim is to ensure that our performance is in line with existing laws and regulations, with practices applied optimally and the lowest possible costs. This peer assistance from a European Member State comes in accordance with the SAACB aspirations, its professional expectation and contribute to achieving the desired goals”.

For his part, the President of the Supreme Audit Office – NIK, Mr Marian Banaś said: “Highly professional and well-trained auditors are able to describe the country’s financial and economical state. They are able to assess the work of authorities to whom the nation entrusted their common resources, and propose remedial actions in the case irregularities are detected. Our goal is to share with Palestinian counterparts our experience and methods of applying the international audit standards in everyday practical work. I believe that achieving this goal will indeed make a difference in Palestinian governance of public finances, serving for the good of the Palestinian people.”

For the Office of the European Union Representative, Mr Gerhard Krause, Head of Cooperation, stated: “Supreme audit institutions should operate in a way that allows undertaking independent, regular and high-quality audits. These institutions should be entrusted with providing assurances on the compliance of government expenditure with the applicable laws, regulations and rules. While doing so, these institution are also committing themselves to the highest degrees of transparency on the management of public funds. We are working with the Palestinians Authority to bring the best European and international practices in the field to increase Palestinian institutional development and empowerment, as a support towards building the institutions of the future independent and accountable Palestinian State.“

Furthermore, this twinning project aims to improve capacities to undertake financial and compliance audits, to carry out tax and customs audit, and ensure quality and efficiency of audits by means of big data auditing. The project amounts to €1.5 million, implemented over 2021-2023, with the European Union as the sole financial contributor of the project.


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