Letter dated 12 May 1952 addressed to the Chairman of the
Conciliation Commission for Palestine by

the Representative of Yemen

I have the honour to acknowledge receipt of your letter of April 28, 1952 concerning the decision of the Conciliation Commission for Palestine to continue to meet at the United Nations Headquarters.

In this connection, the Delegation of Yemen to the United Nations wishes to urge the Conciliation Commission for Palestine to act in the light of the various resolutions of the General Assembly which justly recommend the repatriation and indemnification of the Palestinian Refugees as well as the compensation of those refugees who do not wish to be repatriated. Those resolutions, which do not stand any kind of bargaining or compromise, are, in the view of the Delegation of Yemen, the only just way to settle this problem.

The desire of the Arab States to carry out those resolutions and their repeated requests to the United Nations that they must be carried out relieve them of any responsibility and leave the responsibility on the shoulders of the Conciliation Commission and Israel. Therefore we believe that we are no longer responsible for the delay in settling the Palestinian problem, and what we repeatedly hear that the Arab States and Israel share the same responsibility is unjust to Arabs.

The Delegation of Yemen conveys to the Conciliation Commission for Palestine its best wishes for the success of the task delegated to it by the United Nations and hopes that the Commission will recall the causes of its failures during the past years, those failures which made many members of the United Nations question the efficiency of the Commission.

/s/ Abdurrahman A. Abutaleb,
Charge d’AffairEs

Representative of Yemen.