Protection of civilians – OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes – OPT (11-17 Oct. 2006)

Protection of Civilians – Weekly Briefing Notes

11 – 17 October 2006

Of note this week

25 Palestinians were killed throughout the oPt. 52 Palestinians, two Israelis and two internationals were injured.

In the Gaza Strip:
20 Palestinians, among them 2 children, were killed in the Gaza Strip.
IDF soldiers conducted 13 operations into various locations in the Gaza Strip. IDF soldiers remain present inside the Gaza Strip around the airport, east of Rafah.
At least 20 homemade rockets and 5 mortar shells were fired by Palestinian militants from inside the Gaza Strip into Israel. This week, more than 26 artillery shells were fired by the IDF, mainly into northern Gaza. The IAF conducted 23 air strikes.
Palestinian on Palestinian violence continued in the Gaza Strip. Seven Palestinians, including 2 children, were killed, and 33 others were injured in armed clashes between Fatah and Hamas and armed family feuds.
Shortages of electricity in the Gaza Strip following the IAF bombing the electricity plant has affected services – hospitals, water and sewage pumps. Electricity continues to enter the Gaza Strip from Israel and has been rationed.
Four houses were demolished by IAF air strikes after the residents had received calls warning them to leave their houses as little as 30 minutes before the strikes.

In the West Bank:
An American man was kidnapped in Nablus by a previously unknown Palestinian group called Ansar Al Sunnah. The abductors demanded the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israel. The American man was released unharmed after some hours in captivity.
Tight restrictions continued for Palestinian worshippers attempting to attend prayers during the third Friday of Ramadan. Though the Israeli DCO had provided the general regulations, it was clear that the actual implementation of the regulations was at the discretion of the Commander in Chief of each particular checkpoint/terminal.


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